Who Is E. Rodriguez?

          Erick Rodriguez is a name that should sound familiar and if not then it will soon become a familiar name once his new release “9to5” comes out featuring a long overdue section from Rachard Johnson amongst other surprises that he has in store. In this 1st part of a 2 part interview SUAS is formally introducing the man behind the movie Erick Rodriguez before going into the contents of “9to5”.

Introducing Erick Rodriguez

SUAS: Before we jump right into the shark infested waters of this interview, let’s start with an introduction for those who may not be familiar with the name E. Rodriguez.
ER: My name is Erick Rodriguez, I’m 25 years old and I’m from the West Side of Long Beach, CA. (that’s the hood for those who don’t know).

SUAS: It seems as if you all of a sudden just popped up with clips here & there all at the same time; but you aren’t a new jack so how many years have you been skating?
ER: All together I’d have to say about 11 years…give or take.

SUAS: How did you first get into Rollerblading?
ER: I was walkin’ home from elementary school one day and seen this white boy named John Nunez doing misty flips off a ramp; a few days later I came through in some three wheel Target skates tryna grind the p-rail. He kinda took me under his wing and brought me to all the skate parks that he would compete in, back when A.S.A., N.I.S.S. and all that shit was poppin’ off.

SUAS: Fast forward to now, who are the Rollerblading companies that are helping you support your habit?
ER: I’m riding for Fifty-50 Frames, Fenfanix Clothing, Urban Rolling Skate Shop and I got some flow type shit going on with Razors (thanks to Geoff Acers!)

SUAS: You are one of those fortunate Rollerbladers that get to travel all around the globe and your company on these trips is none other than Rachard Johnson. What is like traveling the country with LARJ?
Dope!!! We skate allday and party like some muthafuckin’ rockstars. I mean traveling in general is fun but when you get to travel with someone that made such a huge impact in Rollerblading it makes it even better. They love this dude everywhere, like foreal tho. I’ve seen some crazy shit, but at the same time it’s been like traveling with your big brother. You learn alot from it.

SUAS: Are any of the traveling expenses picked up by your sponsors?
ER: Not really, the companies I skate for aren’t making enough income and I never been the one to ask. I’m just thankful for the things they do for me.

SUAS: With touring comes the tour stories since nothing goes according to plan no matter how much you organize it, any funny story you would like to share?
ER: Man, this last Winter Clash Tour was ridiculous. We were on a train on our way to Germany from Amsterdam that was gonna take like 6 or 7 hours, so I set up my laptop to start working on a edit I had going. All the sudden these big ass German cops roll up and ask us for our passports and train tickets. RJ’s passport looks mad busted and has no pages left so they started running his name to see who he was. Next thing you know they’re searching our bags and find a big ass bag of Amsterdam’s finest in my Jug backpack so they took us off the train and into this little room at the train station where they later found another bag in Ryan Many’s pocket.

          RJ pulled some MacGyver type shit and stashed his money hella quick. They took me and Ryan to the police station, robbed us, then dropped us back off at the train station. By the time we got to the event it was posted all over Dutch blog sites that Rachard Johnson, Ryan Many, and Erick Rodriguez were arrested for transporting drugs. Most people would consider this a scary situation, I thought it was mad funny.

SUAS: Now that is a tour story! You know you can’t just tell us an unforgettable story like this without at least giving us another one that may be just as unforgetable haha. So let’s go…I know you have another.
ER: Man, we be doing so much shit I could be here all day telling ya’ll tour stories, but what ya’ll need to know is that AJ just put together a tour to film for the new Straight Jacket flick you can check the updates at http://www.youhatetoloveit.com

SUAS: At the end of the day when your bags are unpacked you lay yourself to rest on Long Beach soil. How would you say is the Long Beach scene progressing these days?
ER: As far as skating goes Long Beach is the place to be if you’re in Cali. There’s spots to skate everywhere and you always have someone to session with. JC Rowe & KG (Kevin Gillan) have a spot downtown where we mostly kick it at, Superman (Chris Haffey) lives across the street, and Rachard stays a few blocks down. The rest of the “LB Fam” stay about 5 min away (Kruise, Obe, Nick Rother, etc.) and there are lots of kids that kill shit. I mean you should know, the “LB” doesn’t just stand for Lord Brian.

SUAS: Hey! You watch your mouth E! LB stands for Left Blow as well so watch out for my Left Hook haha…but on a more serious note, you were shot recently. I know this may be a touchy matter but how and why were you shot?
ER: I come from a gang infested neighborhood as they would say, so people get shot on the regular. I just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. My homie got shot twice in the chest and I got shot in the leg, luckily it went straight through and missed my bone and main artery cause it was a .45 caliber (thats a big ass gun for those who don’t know). Kinda like that football player that died…what his name is, Darrent Williams?…yea him. Rachard called me two days after from NY talkin bout he heard they were tryna rob me for my jewelry or some crazy shit like that and was like “Yo, you really gotta get off them streets and back on them blades”. When he came home he had some skates sent to me, now I’m doing shit I couldn’t do before I got shot, crazy right?

SUAS: Since you are back to skating again, if you could pick any 3 spots in the world to skate for the rest of your life what would it be?
The 1st spot would be Tweedy (best ledges in the world), the 2nd would be Modern Skate Park in Detroit, Michigan (best mini ramp), and the 3rd would have to be the Brooklyn Banks.

SUAS: I always see your late night tweets about hitting up various food spots after a day of skating. What are some good food spots to fill up on after a day of skating in the LBC?
ER: I got the best taco spots on lock, straight up.

SUAS: Let’s get into sneakers for a bit. Aside from Jeremy Soderburg, you and Rachard pretty much have the sneaker game on lock in Long Beach. What is the craziest thing that you have done in order to be the first one with the freshest pair of kicks on the block?
ER: Lately I’ve been rockin these Jug Goldberry’s, but the last Jordan 11’s (spacejams) had us sleeping on the sidewalk for like 13 hours. Me and RJ was poppin’ rose bottles at 5 a.m. rappin about the dumbest shit, people were lookin at us like we were crazy. So, if any of ya’ll think your shoe game is on point, come holla at me.

SUAS: Let’s finish this up so we can start on part 2 focusing on “9to5”, so what are your Last Words or Shout-Outs?
ER: Shout out to everybody that holds me down, Jess at fifty-50, Geof Acers at Sunshine, Urban Rolling Skate Shop, AJ for makin dope shit and keepin me in some fresh ass jeans, Robert & Murda at Jug, Fenfanix, my whole LB Fam and most of all my big bro LARJ for keepin me on the blades, Love yall..


E. Rodriguez Edit

9to5 Trailer


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  2. That was a dope interview G.

  3. haha ya thats pretty funny shit hyphy scene,, entertaining not my taste in music but it fit the part dem g omg

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