I’m usually known as the behind-the-scenes guy but here are some random pics that were caught of the man behind the LB-CAM & ShutupandSKATE 😉

*In this pic above I was caught by NYC photographer Cesar Macay as I was walking around Pier 62 Skatepark looking for change of a $20 bill so I could pick up a t-shirt from Josue Diaz who was having a great deal on Psyko Clothing tees at $13 a pop.

*The bad part about being clean shaven is that the sun is torture. If I skate around the park I’ll instantly become drenched for no reason. Kiko Lo from Skeptic Media caught me here cooling of in a small piece of the shade while observing the session nearby.

*At first I thought that Andres Gutierrez wanted to take a pic with Victor only so I sat down, then he told me that he wanted me in this pic as well so I got up to take this pic. Little did I know that as I got up, wind got caught up under my Havok tee and added 100+ pounds to my body!!!

*This is a great pic that pretty much symbolizes the Old School ushering in the New School. There is easily over 100+ years of Rollerblading between us not including the years that Montre put in. From Left to Right: Franco Cammayo, myself, Montre Livingston, Austin Paz, Jon Ortiz, Hakeem Jimoh, Jose Disla & Brian Lewis. This pic was captured by Kiko Lo from Skeptic Media.


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