Rollerblading Throwback #7 BOX Issue 11 “Wanderlust”

          BOX Magazine “Wanderlust” Issue which is Issue #11 is today’s Rollerblading Throwback. This issue is chock full of ads. I believe that EVERY company in the Rollerblading Industry at that time period (which was Winter ’96) bought space for an ad. It definitely showed how UNIFIED the Rollerblading world was. Maybe we can all start going back to this way of thinking hmmm?

          On the cover is somebody that was called “The Barcelona Boy Wonder” doing a nice Lui Kang out of the quarter pipe. If anybody knows his name please let me know…I won’t hold my breath since this is about 14 years ago. I hope he is still skating though! As soon as I turned to the 1st page I was hit with a double page spread from the biggest company out at that time SENATE…remember them? And the Rollerblader lacing that stylish grabbed Backslide across the box at Lausanne is the Dominic Sagona of my time TJ WEBBER.

          Ever wonder where the “Rollerblading Is Gay” trend probably started? As soon as I turned to page 4 I couldn’t help but laugh at the crazy ad that was put out by O.U.T. skates (aka Once Upon a Time aka REMEDYZ aka REMZ) featuring their team riders dressed in drag! Haha, harmless fun I guess…you can’t get away with doing something like that now though haha. I have to give them props for such a ballsy ad.

          After perusing past a few more pages of ads for companies such as FICTION & RAZORS I found an old name that some of you may remember? Does Dayton Cooper-Smith ring a bell?…It should and especially his RISE ABOVE clothing ad which showed the x-ray of his ankle 7 screws later. Dayton was the James Dean of Rollerblading duriing his time. Cigarettes and greasy hair all day.

          A few more ads later I come across a wheel & grindplate company that I NEVER seen mentioned in any old school Rollerblading post…heck, I even forgot about them and I had a few pairs of these wheels that I picked up from Modell’s for cheap! I present to you GRIZZLIES folks! They had anti-rocker wheels called “Innies” and outside wheels called…you guessed it “Outies”. They even had a grindplate called “The Beast” that they claimed was bulletproof. I don’t need a bulletproof grindplate but I guess it was that tough haha.

          Aside from all the ads that dominate this issue there were some nice snapshots of Rollerblading around the world entitled “Traveler”. Here is a rare pic of Pro Rollerblader MATTEO ATTENASIO. If the name doesn’t register maybe his Pro Model Maroon Oxygens do. Here is the man himself lacing a ROCKET MAKIO aka ROCKIO on top of a bench somewhere in SPAIN.

          Another wheel company that slips the mind often is MID COAST. They weren’t along for too long but they were going “GREEN” before it became the “HIP” thing to do. Along with their 5 wheels choices in the various sizes they gave out FREE 100% Recycled Grind Plates with every order!

          There were about 5 articles in this issue. The 1st focused on the emerging Rollerblading scene over in Prague which is still going strong even now! The 2nd article was about Australia’s newest sensation and FR Pro Team rider DION ANTHONY. The interview was pretty good and introduced us all to this stylish Aussie.

*Disaster Royale is a trick that if you miss it your hip will not be happy with you!

          Nearing the end of the issue I found this ad promoting the next big release from RB. During these times these TARMAC CE’s were the ones to have if you wanted to get taken pretty seriously. People complain now about skates haha look at these closely before you bitch about the skates that you have 😉

          Ending this issue is a great cover shot of TOM FRY representing ROCES with a GRABBED BACKSIDE BACKSLIDE in a Bowl. Rollerbladers today don’t even do this trick with the Grab…OR in a Bowl.

          I hope you all enjoyed today’s trip down memory lane…as a parting gift from me to you; next week I am posting up a very interesting article written by DAVE PAINE in this very issue concerning “Sponsorship”. I know that this will spark some great conversation since in recent times alot of Pro Rollerbladers are leaving / joining companies often. See you Monday 😉


3 Responses to “Rollerblading Throwback #7 BOX Issue 11 “Wanderlust””

  1. Great Read, I think I had this mag! this was right around the time I got into rollerblading.

  2. Now that brings me back. Thanks, man.

  3. Patrick Says:

    Man oh man what memories!! Im in this issue in the ‘up and coming’ article near the end of the mag. Opposite what was an ad of a semi nude women. If you still have this mag i’d love to buy a copy from you. I lost my copy years ago. Its a long shot so if you read this shoot me an email

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