“Too Much Love” Crew Pier 62 Skatepark Session LB-CAM PICS

          On FRIDAY, JUNE 18th at Pier 62 Skatepark in NYC the Too Much Love Crew came down from Minnesota to show the New York City Rollerblading scene  much love. The turnout was great and NYC definitely showed the TML crew how we support Rollerblading. Enjoy some of these LB-CAM pics taken during  some down time and remember to SUPPORT Rollerblading!

*When the NYC sun hits you while you’re Rollerblading in a skatepark with hardly any shade it is always best to take a brief timeout before you catch heat exhaustion…this group of Rollerbladers are resting up while the sun slowly goes down.

*This is the sloppy area where us New York Rollerbladers toss our stuff while we skate the park, and best believe that nobody really gets their stuff stolen anoymore unless they want to be carried out of the skatepark on a stretcher.

*Angelo Ferrer is in the Clover Bowl session sharpening up his constantly growing Rollerblading-terrain skating. As you can see from this pic, this isn’t a Beginner Bowl.

*I come from a generation where you had to skate everything in order to call yourself a true Rollerblader so you know that I was happy to see a Clover Bowl session going on. Bowl skills tend to be few and far between.

*How many of you remember Razor “Clockers” wheels?

*When you come to the park bearing gifts, you get mobbed…just ask The Farm who is almost lost in the midst of his dvd giveaway.

*Blake catching the memories with a press of the button.

*The Farm and Blake scoping out a possible clip.

*iSpy…Jeph Howard…Craig Benabu…Fish O’ Neill…do you?

*One of my favorite skaters’ Ariel Surun taking a break in someone’s cool shadow.

*Jon Ortiz doing the autograph thing. That’s RESPECT right there.

*If you are from NYC and you don’t know these 4 NYC legends then please go back and do your research…and I mean that…here is ARIEL SUREN, DAVE ORTEGA, RYAN JACKALONE & JOSE DISLA.


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