Ask LB!


          Here at ShutupandSKATE, I get some pretty cool emails from Rollerbladers all over the globe. I love the random conversations that I find myself getting into and the random questions that are sent to the SUAS Box, so in the newly formed “ASK LB!” category I will answer some of my favorite questions.

          Feel free to send any questions to ShutupandSKATE’s email: and who knows…maybe your question will get answered on here!

**Some questions may be edited for grammatical purposes**

Question #1: What is your favorite trick?
LB: My favorite trick is pretty much anything that I land. Once you reach the 30 & up club like I have just rolling around and not falling makes my day. But to answer your question more specifically my favorite trick would have to be Back Farv. It just feels good and when you lock it right it feels like you are floating. Just sit low and enjoy the ride.

Question #2: What is the most bizarre food that you have eaten?
LB: I love this question since I am a big fan of Andrew Zimmern and his “Bizarre Foods” show on the Travel Channel. Due to me watching this show I have learned to expand my pallette and try many foods that I don’t normally eat. On the most bizarre side though, it may not seem too bizarre but the food that came to mind is a Pig Ear taco that I recently tried. I am glad to have this notch under my belt but it was hands down one of the wierdest textures that I have tasted. Touch your ear…do you feel the cartilage and skin? That is all it is and in a taco it is NOT that good haha. I ate the whole thing but something about a sticky, chopped up pig ear tasting of only cartilage with very little skin is something that I probably will not eat again.

Question #3: What is your current set-up?
I am rolling on Black A.B.1’s sitting on top of white Create Originals frames that I am riding freestyle at the moment and my inserts is the black Create Originals logo in white. My wheels are stock Valo wheels that have been treating me good. And I can’t forget the Rockstar abec 5 bearings that are keeping me rolling smoothly. Valo4Life!


2 Responses to “Ask LB!”

  1. Allen James Says:

    y r u alive

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