Rob G., Date Bread & A RB Pro Skate

          With the recent news of an upcoming Rob Guerrero Pro Skate, I began reflecting on my friendship with Mr. Guerrero and just how far he has come in Rollerblading. He has been paying his dues for far too long so the first thought that came to my head when finding out about his new pro Skate was “It’s about DAMN TIME!”

          I’m not sure if Rob even remembers this but I first met him many years ago at Chelsea Piers Skatepark at a time when the company Rollerblade reinvented itself as RB with the release of the new TRS Access skates. Rob was fresh off of Razors and riding the new RB’s. He was quiet and flowed flawlessly throughout the whole skate park with ease. His eye for skating was definitely evident. He skated with style, finesse and a professionalism that was ahead of its time.

          From time to time I bumped into him here and there all over the U.S. and it was always a great reunion with great conversations and philosophies that were shared. And for those of you that have been fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Rob know exactly what I’m talking about. He is one of those rare people that leave a lasting impression on you know matter what race, color, or creed you may be.

          When I think of a classic moment in our friendship I think of when Rob was staying in Perth Amboy, New Jersey for a few days at Tee Tirado’s house from Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop. I was also there for a few days as well. I believe we were there for the grand opening of Amboy Skatepark but I could be wrong. In my time there I got to know Rob a bit more and he definitely influenced me with his skating and general outlook on Life. He shared with me many of his stories of his adventures when he bike rode miles and miles along the coast.

           A defining moment at this time that I will always remember was the moment when he asked me “Have you ever had date bread before?”. Luckily, I said no because when he unraveled the crumpled foil to reveal this hearty piece of date bread I was introduced to the most memorable piece of food that I have ever eaten. It tasted like clouds with a dash of Heaven. I asked Rob who made it and he told me that his Grandmother had made it and with each bite you could easily tell that it was made with love. I cannot stress how good the Date bread was! It ruined my Life since no other food will ever leave a lasting impression on me like this again.

          With that being said I would like to personally thank Rob Guerrero for introducing me to the best tasting food that I ever had and I would also like to congratulate him for his upcoming Pro skate that I will definitely buy to show support! Much LOVE & RESPECT to ROB G.!


2 Responses to “Rob G., Date Bread & A RB Pro Skate”

  1. Agreed. I will buy his skate on mear principle. Paying Dues for far too long.

  2. Lord B! Man I want some date bread – I woulda asked him for some when he was down here at Ray’s crip lol. Rob G!!!

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