Ask LB Part 2!

          Here are the next batch of  my favorite questions that have been sent to the ShutupandSKATE Inbox…

Question #1: Y r u alive?
LB: Because I can spell better than you.

Question #2: Do you still skate?
I definitely do, not as often as I would like but I still strap on my Valos and have some fun whenever I get the chance.

Question #3: Who is your favorite skater?
I can’t pick only 1 but one of my favorites has always been Dominic Sagona since he makes Rollerblading look good with his timeless style.

Question #4: Why did you create the ShutupandSKATE blog?
Because I was getting annoyed seeing pretty much the same pics and articles on alot of Rollerblading sites. So, I decided to lead by example and make the news, not take the news.

Question #5: What happened with B. Unique & Co.?


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