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          That is pretty much the routine for us Rollerbladers so I am very happy to have come across a new blog by my bro Mike Obedoza called “Blading With Chef Knives”. Why does his opinion on Rollerblading & Food count?…Well, besides being a sponsored Rollerblader he is also Culinary Institute of America Alumni, so he pretty much knows his stuff. So, if you are into Food & Rollerblading like I am then definitely check out his blog! I know for a fact that I’ll be trying out some of his recipes to cure my after-session hunger pains!

“Blading With Chef Knives”


ASK LB Part 3!

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Here we go again!
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Angelo Ferrer Gets “IT”

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          This is pretty much a continuation or 2nd part of my story of my trip to Rockaway Skatepark which took place a couple of sweltering Saturdays ago. And in case any of you were worried about my bald head getting scorched here’s an update…my scalp and forehead finally stopped peeling! Next time I’m bringing SPF +75!

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“LIKE” KEVIN DOWLING’S Olympus Edit on Youtube!

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          I shouldn’t have to tell Rollerbladers to “LIKE” this video on Youtube but…LIKE this video on Youtube! Kevin Dowling is going above and beyond to bring Rollerblading to the forefront and he can only do this with everybody’s SUPPORT! Even if you don’t have a Youtube account just take a few minutes, sign-up and “LIKE” this video so we can show the masses that Rollerblading is alive and bigger than ever!

Rockaway Skate Park **Spot Check VIDEO**

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          Here is a rare glimpse of me in front of the camera taking you all on a brief visual tour of Rockaway Skate Park. This was filmed and edited by Angelo Ferrer from Art of Rolling magazine ( Much love to Craig from I Roll NY ( ) for posting this up on the site! I even laced a little switch-up on the curved set-up rail for you to enjoy and laugh at!
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Last Man Standing Comp **IMPORTANT NEW UPDATE**

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Rollerblading A Rock Away

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          Today, I was going to do my newest installment of “SKATE This Spot” but I decided to change it up a bit and write this story on an up & coming skate scene that is a bit off of the far end of Queens but has the heart for Rollerblading that is inspiring despite their slightly distant surroundings.
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