Rollerblading A Rock Away


          Today, I was going to do my newest installment of “SKATE This Spot” but I decided to change it up a bit and write this story on an up & coming skate scene that is a bit off of the far end of Queens but has the heart for Rollerblading that is inspiring despite their slightly distant surroundings.

          This past Saturday, I trekked across a fractured MTA system from my new home of Wykoff Heights, Brooklyn in order to check out a friend of mine named Shomari who is a Rollerblader that resides in Far Rockaway, Queens. The L train wasn’t working as usual on the weekend since the MTA  pretends to be working so that they can jack up the fare on us customers. Seriously, the fare is $2.25…how much more do they actually think they can charge for slow service, shut-down train lines and humid platforms?

          As I looked at the train map I saw that my destination would be a bit of a long ride so I just sat down with my ONE Magazine and read through it until I finished all of my train transfers leaving me at the Beach 90th stop where I would be skating that day. Once I got out in this unfamiliar land I was greeted with cool refreshing air touched with a scent of beach water. And I was right! A mere 3 blocks from the train station was Rockaway Skatepark located a few seconds from Rockaway Beach.  My first impression of this skatepark was “Ok, where is the Rust-Off?”, but after I walked around the skatepark observing the obstacles I looked past the rust on the old-school sheet metal ramps and found a pretty fun park to skate in. Like the saying goes “It’s better than nothing”.

          The first Rollerblader that I met in the park was Mohammed, who I like to call part of the future of Rollerblading. This kid skated hard all day with a smile on his face. He is one of the young buck’s but has his heart in the right place. There are young bladers out here so hyped on skating that it is contagious! Shortly after I began warming up throughout the park slowly more and more Rollerbladers started showing up. In total there was about 10 Rollerbladers and pretty soon we were having a great session on pretty much everything…especially the Rhythm section to Quarter Pipe & Curved Set-Up Rail!

         The sun was blaring so we took a little break while sipping on ice cold Arizona Iced teas and out of the blue Angelo Ferrer rolls up…(his story on the day’s events will be up very soon).

          All in all, I had the most fun skating at this park with the Rockaway Crew than I have had in awhile. Their purity and love for Rollerblading is what we need in order to keep Rollerbading alive and thriving. I know that this park may be a bit too far for some but get over it, make a day trip out of it and don’t forget to pack some beach clothes for the cool of session afterwards on the beach.


3 Responses to “Rollerblading A Rock Away”

  1. shomarii Says:

    sic story saturday was so sweet yea mahamud got the shout out love that lil punk more blader should really come through more

  2. austin croteau Says:

    brian, this place nearly broke my leg. NOTHING! slides its all rusty. its a terrible place. its been open for years now and is one of the worst places. sorry. =[.

  3. so help us outhere word up we need a concreate park i missed it oin sat but im there every day.

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