Rockaway Skate Park **Spot Check VIDEO**

          Here is a rare glimpse of me in front of the camera taking you all on a brief visual tour of Rockaway Skate Park. This was filmed and edited by Angelo Ferrer from Art of Rolling magazine ( Much love to Craig from I Roll NY ( ) for posting this up on the site! I even laced a little switch-up on the curved set-up rail for you to enjoy and laugh at!

          And don’t forget to check out I Roll NY for the latest info on the session at Rockaway Skate park this Sunday, August 8th!


2 Responses to “Rockaway Skate Park **Spot Check VIDEO**”

  1. that switch up was dope LB! very hard on a curved rail no matter how low it is haha.

  2. That was me in that blue shirt and seeing myself in this video mad me so hype for skating…. this session tomorrow that I bit my homie shomarii lol

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