Angelo Ferrer Gets “IT”

          This is pretty much a continuation or 2nd part of my story of my trip to Rockaway Skatepark which took place a couple of sweltering Saturdays ago. And in case any of you were worried about my bald head getting scorched here’s an update…my scalp and forehead finally stopped peeling! Next time I’m bringing SPF +75!

          Cue in Angelo Ferrer…While myself and the locals were taking a break and sipping on some ice cold Arizona Iced teas in the only shaded part of the park, Angelo Ferrer popped up out of nowhere. And I mean, out of nowhere. He literally just appeared randomly…and then the session defintely stepped up from there. Angelo decided to check out the skatepark in a last second decision and when he came down he was impressed with the growing amount of fresh Rollerbladers coming out of Far Rockaway. With a camera and 3 Art Of Rolling tees in tow we co-conspired an on-the-spot comp to hype up the locals and do a little something for the scene out here.

*Angelo Ferrer Tap 540 Off Of The Quarter Pipe to Flat Ground…photo by the LB-CAM*

          Angelo definetly gets “IT”. “IT” being the importance of leaving a positive impact on our younger Rollerbladers. Without them, Rollerblading will dwindle in numbers once again. Angelo took it old school with his best trick comps for the 3 t-shirts. It’s simple…so many kids can grind but not many can do a long jump, or jump high in general off of a launch ramp. So that’s exactly what he did for them to get a FREE shirt. There was a Long Distance Jump Contest, a High Jump Contest and a best Trick Overall.

          All in all, the Far Rockaway Rollerbladers had a great time and it definitely inspired them to keep on skating strong despite their distant surroundings from the city’s other boroughs. I included the video below once again so that you can see this story in a visual form as opposed to just reading my ramblings. Shout out to Angelo Ferrer & Art Of Rolling for taking the time out to visit this Rollerblading scene and inspiring them to push themselves as far as they can go! Keep an eye out for the Far Rockaway crew in upcoming sessions and comps!

*Support Art Of Rolling and visit their site often for new updates!*


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