ASK LB Part 3!


Here we go again!

Question #1: Why isn’t there that much footage of you skating?
Simple…because I’m camera-shy and also I feel that there are more deserving Rollerbladers out there that should recieve coverage. Why in the world would I want to see my old ass skating when I could see some fresh Up & Comer, Am or Pro that kills it?

Question #2: What shaving products do you use to keep your dome clean and shiny?
Haha, best question! I use a disposable Gilette Sensitive Skin razor for my face and scalp along with Gillette Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam. And of course…Gillette Cool Breeze after shave lotion to feel fresh. To sum it up in brief, I am a Gillette man!

Question #3: Do you feel old?
Only when I fall.

Question #4: Were you ever sponsored?
Yes I have and I am very grateful for my sponsors in the past and here they are…Oxygen, K2, Rollerblade, Salomon, Osbee, Triple Eight, Pro-Tec, Senate, City Sk8, Hyper, FR…since I worked as an In-Line Coach & Instructor at Chelsea Piers Skate Park I was hooked up lovely by sponsors. These were pretty much Flow spots and I am blessed to have recieved all these great products.

Question #5: When are you going to have another contest???
In about 2 weeks after the Last Man Standing Comp is over since I should have some new goodies to giveaway by then so stay tuned to ShutupandSKATE in the upcoming weeks!


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