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Last Man Standing 2010 PRO-Comp LB-CAM Pics!

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          Sorry for the delay of these pics, life can definitely keep you busy at the most inconvenient of times. But enough of my excuses!…Enjoy these 28 exclusive LB-CAM Lifestyle pics from the Last Man Standing 2010 Pro Comp with my usual verbal banter attached to each pic to keep you somewaht entertained as you peruse through this visual journey.
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          What’s up Rollerbladers, I know that many of you are iPhone owners so I have another gem that I would love to recommend to you. It’s a great 1st-person shooter inspired a tad bit by Halo called “Archetype”. My username is LordDrol so add me if you would like to lose.
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The Ultimate “Rollerblader”

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          I rarely watch t.v. Quite frankly, television just makes me sick with all these stupid shows flooding our visuals such as the “Real Housewives” series, “The Real World”, 99% of sitcoms and other trash that somehow generates money for their G-List actors. One of the only shows that I do watch is “The Ultimate Fighter” since I am a big fan of mixed martial arts as well as a practitioner for many years. Last night was the debut of the newest TUF series featuring St. Pierre & Koschek as this seasons’ coaches. And what a BIG surprise it was when I saw former Pro Rollerblader MIKE BUDNIK take center stage in the Lightweight Qualifying Bout to see who makes it into the TUF House!
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Posted in Dedications, RESPECT with tags on September 14, 2010 by lordbrian

          I never thought in a million years that I would be sitting here typing a remembrance for my bro Brandon Gutierrez. His recent passing has definitely effected me and has been on my mind alot. But, instead of reflecting on sadness, I’d rather reflect on the positive memories that have been flooding my mind lately. I just saw you a couple of weeks ago Brandon and I will always remember our great conversations about being O.G.’s in the NYC Rollerblading scene. I love you bro!
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Last Man Standing 2010 Grom/Am Comp LB-CAM Pics

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*Here are random Rollerblading lifestyle pics brought to you by the LB-CAM! Enjoy!
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           I just wanted to take this time out to send my deepest wishes of recovery to my bro Jesus Medina who took a bad fall off of a drop-kink rail and knocked himself out for about a minute as well as dislocating his elbow at the “Last Man Standing” Pro Comp He is a trooper though so I have no doubts that he will pull through. Much love and respect to JESUS MEDINA, see you soon bro at the next session!