Last Man Standing 2010 Grom/Am Comp LB-CAM Pics

*Here are random Rollerblading lifestyle pics brought to you by the LB-CAM! Enjoy!

*Layla Q. from Art Of Rolling is lending the time to sign the Groms & Ams up before the start of the comp. You give her the cash and you get your entry band.

*While Layla is finishing up sign-ups Victor Callender is pondering the flow of the comp for maximum enjoyment for all.

*The Old School is keeping a watchful eye over the New School of up and coming Rollerbladers during the warm-ups.

*Victor C. gathering all the Groms for a quick meeting about their comp.

*Victor C. explaining the comp rules and introducing the obstacles that they will be skating.

*1 of the many victims that the ledge claimed throughout the day.

*While some Rollerbladers were relaxing others took advantage of the time to murder this rail all day.

*Over the shoulder view from the other side of the park where you could see the Grom High-Jump Comp going on while the ledge feels lonely.

*Alex Nunez & Victor C. going over the Grom comp stats to see who ranked.

*Steve Nichols representing Perth Amboy, New Jersey & Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop is taking in the comp on the sidelines knowing damn well that he can put on a show if he entered…that’s right Steve…let’s go!!!

*The always knowledgeable Maximosis is in the house.

*The first thing that my eyes notice in this pic is Jose Henriquez in his bright Orange hat.

*L.E.S. represented in the AM comp.

*Big Rah the M.C. of the LMS letting the AMS know what is expected of them at the final spot.

*”Where yo’ shirt at?”

*Victor C. is setting up his car battery powered speaker system to get the music flowing over the crowds roars!


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