The Ultimate “Rollerblader”

          I rarely watch t.v. Quite frankly, television just makes me sick with all these stupid shows flooding our visuals such as the “Real Housewives” series, “The Real World”, 99% of sitcoms and other trash that somehow generates money for their G-List actors. One of the only shows that I do watch is “The Ultimate Fighter” since I am a big fan of mixed martial arts as well as a practitioner for many years. Last night was the debut of the newest TUF series featuring St. Pierre & Koschek as this seasons’ coaches. And what a BIG surprise it was when I saw former Pro Rollerblader MIKE BUDNIK take center stage in the Lightweight Qualifying Bout to see who makes it into the TUF House!

          For those of you who may not know who MIKE BUDNIK is than please leave your Rollerblades at the nearest recycling bin. Mike Budnik is an Ex-Pro Rollerblader who pretty much kicked ass in the first 10 X-Games back when Rollerblading was at its peak. He skated Professionally for companies such as Rollerblade, FR & Gap. Currently, Mike is an all-around fighter studying discipines such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai & Boxing which has led him to a 9-4 record.

          Unfortunately, Mike took a loss last night in his qualifying bout due to a well-placed body shot by his opponent Nam Phan but Mike did defend himself pretty good and hit Nam with a nice leg kick to the ribs amongst other offense. Eventhough Mike lost the match I still have to give him nothing but respect for following his dreams and keeping his mixed martial arts career going. Don’t let this loss bring you down!

See you soon again in the ring Mike!


One Response to “The Ultimate “Rollerblader””

  1. Budnik, supreme at anything he takes on, and a nice guy as well. Tulsa is proud!

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