Last Man Standing 2010 PRO-Comp LB-CAM Pics!

          Sorry for the delay of these pics, life can definitely keep you busy at the most inconvenient of times. But enough of my excuses!…Enjoy these 28 exclusive LB-CAM Lifestyle pics from the Last Man Standing 2010 Pro Comp with my usual verbal banter attached to each pic to keep you somewaht entertained as you peruse through this visual journey.

*The first spot is getting swept, waxed and even a “Happy Ending” before it gets murked.

*The final debris is swept off of the ground as the spectators rush to pick and choose their spot to take in the intense 1st Round.

*The handicap rail is the best choice for the masses.

*Don’t have insurance? Well, Metro Plus Healthcare was there at the LMS courtesy of Victor. I hope everybody that attended took advantage!…I know I did and now me and my son are insured!

*Once you sign your name you are in it to win it!

*Mike Hazard and Rob G catching up.

*Jimmy Shuda baby, JIMMY SHUDA!

*I love the crowd but hate when they stand in the way of the skaters landing.

*If it doesn’t have STYLE it just doesn’t cut it.

*Rah’s the Linebacker’s back is blocking the shot.

*Victor putting together the sound system to get the crowd even liver and set the tone for the rest of the comp.

*Erick Rodriguez caught off-guard by the LB-CAM.

*The 2nd spot is mobbed by the support of Rollerbladers before the round gets started.

*Hyper Mike representing NYC with this nice Frontside down the rail.

*Rail to Gap is the only way to lace this spot properly…and hammers did go down.

*Chris Majette and Tee Tirado discussing business.

*Um, move out of the way while the skaters are skating please!

*Nobody throws an NYC Rollerblading comp like Victor Callender.

*Big Rah the Megaphone King keeps the crowd in check which is a very hard job to do.

*Announcements of the finalists have the crowd in a frenzy.

*The Pros getting amped up for the Kink Rail at the final spot.

*When the sea of participants part the finals begin!

*The expression on Dre’s face says it all.

*The judges are working together on making their final decision.

*And the WINNER is…



One Response to “Last Man Standing 2010 PRO-Comp LB-CAM Pics!”

  1. What an amazing day of my life! Incredible! And I wasn’t even in the comp! Thanks for the pics LB!

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