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ShutupandSKATE 1st Year Anniversary!

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          On this very day exactly 1 year ago ShutupandSKATE was concieved online for all of you to Love, Hate, Share, Despise and all of the good stuff that you like to do when the mood fits. I would like to thank you all for all the Love & Support that has kept me going. Here’s a toast to all those that said that my site was garbage and wouldn’t last past the 1st post.


Rollerbladers UNITE & help a great film project become a REALITY

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JAMES SHORT Killer gets ONLY 18 months!?!

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          America and our “justice” system has infuriated me once again. I lost a great friend to a tragedy that could have easily been prevented and then I just read this statement from The Short Family which leaves me in awe of how James’ life is worth only 18 months. And why in the world is there a judge that pre-sentences people without a trail? Pure B.S.
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Rollerblading WTF’s!?!

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ROLLERBLADING tthese days  just makes me go WTF!?! 
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Brian Scott…Gone But NOT Forgotten

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*Photo by Cesar Macay & Design by Val Vera

          It’s been exactly a year as of October 12th since NYC lost our brother Brian Scott but he is still in our hearts everywhere we go. I love you and miss you my little brother.
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Thank You Tee & iDentity Clothing!

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          Tee Tirado & iDentity Clothing hooked up ShutupandSKATE with these 2 shirts as a Christmas gift this past year. And what a gift it was! Eventhough when I eventually come out with some Promo tees they will be spelled “ShutupandSKATE” instead of “ShutupandSK8” but it’s the thought that counts and I do skate with these often! Thank you Tee & iDentity Clothing for the hook-up!
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My Name is Brian M. Perry & I LOVE ROLLERBLADING!

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