Rollerblading WTF’s!?!

ROLLERBLADING tthese days  just makes me go WTF!?! 

* I know that we all get frustrated at times and downright aggravated when we miss a trick that we can do with our eyes blindfolded but it’s not that serious. You aren’t battling Broskow or Aragon at the BCSD Finals for 10G’s so get over it. Throwing a skate and cursing up to the sky just screams the I-WANT-ATTENTION syndrome. Just calm down, relax for a few minutes, sulk it up and try again and again until you get it. Success tastes better than failure so get your pallets ready for a good meal if you have the patience to wait for the ingredients to cook.

* No matter where you go, there is always that 1 person that namedrops in order to build up their status in their own mind. Most of the time it is the one not skating but walking around mouthing off to any prying ear that is willing to listen to their delusions of grandeur. Who cares about which PRO skaters you may know or skated with a few times. It’s still not going to get you a section in a video or your own PRO skate. It’s your skill set not your “PRO” friends that make you stand out. Besides, it makes you sound stupid.

* Go to any messageboard. Now, pick any random post and I’m sure that you will find a few people with an abnormally strong vulgar opinion on everything. And when approached about it they use all this insulting grammar to make you feel inferior to their superior Rollerblading knowledge. That is usually the person farthest away from the actual people that they are attacking since they feel safe in the comforts of their room knowing that they will probably never come across you in real life. It’s amazing how tough someone can pretend to be when their fingers do all the talking. The internet is a HUGE marketing tool so we might as well use it to our advantage and do something positive for our sport. Hate will only breed hate.

* Nothing is perfect in this world…nothing. Everything has its flaws, especially Rollerblading competitions. So, instead of crying like a bitch and whining on every social network about how things can be better why don’t you just offer your groundbreaking improvement ideas to those who actually run the comp so maybe you can turn your criticism into something positive like contribution. Besides, why talk shit when you can help to improve the problem so it won’t be repeated next year?…or you can simply put together your own comp and see how much effort it takes to make sure everything is done on time. If you never put a comp together before I wish you all the luck in the world!

* Not every spot is going to appeal to everyone. Sometimes the spot can be too easy or simply too deadly. Here is one solution. In every Rollerblading scene across the country someone can make a little Blogspot/Wordpress dedicated to ranking every spot in their area. You can provide spot pics and even difficulty ratings if warranted. Then any skater can easily go online, find the spots that suit you best and continue Rollerblading. Remember, we all started Rollerblading because it is FUN so let’s bring that FUN back no matter where it is our skates may take us. If you have a keen eye for Rollerblading then you can find things to do at any spot no matter the terrain.

* So, you are getting FREE product because of a hook-up and you don’t have the decency to represent yourself and the skills that got you noticed in the first place? And how many times can you use the “Oh, I can’t enter because I got hurt the other day” excuse? If you are skating all around during the practice rounds lacing tricks then don’t cower when you see the competition. If anything the competition should inspire you because those kids are going hard so that they can be noticed as well and be in your position in the near future. INSPIRE.

* You know who you are 😉 I’m talking about the skaters who show up at every big session and comp just to show off their newest updated set-up composed of all of the hottest “IT” companies. Rollerblades are meant to be beat up and worn out. Don’t be afraid to take a fall and get dirty. Blood, Bruises and band-Aids all day baby!

* For way too many years I have picked up magazines and dvd’s and seen the same skaters doing pretty much the same thing just filmed from different angles. There is a vast array of talent out there that deserve some proper exposure. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rollerblading and seeing PROS get their accolades but what about the lesser known PROS/AMS who are grinding twice as hard for half the spotlight. I can’t even use the word lesser known…how about slept-on. Skaters such as Anthony Gallegos, Gregory Preston, Ramelle Knight, Jose Henriquez, Yannes Sootes, Dave Lang, and soo many more. Bring back the AM Issue dammit! And how about a dvd or magazine dedicated to Pros that have paid their dues entitled something like “20 Pros You Should Know About”.

* United we conquer and divided we fall. It may be a bit cliché to say that but it rings the truth. In my perfect world every comp flyer, dvd ad section, and magazine sponsor page would be filled with EVERY legit company in the industry. If we all supported each other than Rollerblading will be an unstoppable force. We can do it!

*Whatever happened to smiling while you skate? I’ve been skating since ’94 and I smile every moment that I have a pair of blades under my feet. Get inspired and keep this sport growing!


7 Responses to “Rollerblading WTF’s!?!”

  1. Rod L. Short Says:

    #10….. Having fun! That’s it Brian. That’s a key component and one that James promoted every day of his life. If you no longer have fun doing it, why bother, eh?

  2. NICE!
    I’m having a friend from Scotland over at my place and she told me today that she wants to see me skating because it’s a big part of my life. Made me want to shred so hard tomorrow 🙂

  3. Yes I couldn’t have said this better myself, Great minds think alike Lord Brian. P.S. the site is too dope

  4. Angel Abreu Says:

    Really liked what you wrote man keep it up

  5. Tell it Brian!

    yo we miss you man. really trying to make it out to ny

  6. Maybe #11 would be the ranting of how heavy ones frames are… wtf lmao

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