JAMES SHORT Killer gets ONLY 18 months!?!

          America and our “justice” system has infuriated me once again. I lost a great friend to a tragedy that could have easily been prevented and then I just read this statement from The Short Family which leaves me in awe of how James’ life is worth only 18 months. And why in the world is there a judge that pre-sentences people without a trail? Pure B.S.

Excerpt from the Short Family…

The actual trial is Dec. 14th. We received a letter from Judge O’Ferrell stating that he will sentence her to…..

4 years in prison BUT with Judicial release after 18 months and suspend her driver’s license for life.

This Judge is the only Judge in Ohio that operates this way, putting forth his sentence BEFORE the trial, before even hearing any testimony, before even hearing any eyewitness account, before anything. I don’t know how this is even legal, it certainly doesn’t seem ethical.

This woman was drunk by THREE TIMES the legal limit, had a prior DUI, and had weed in the car with her. She’s 48 years old, has shown no remorse, doesn’t even feel like she did anything wrong. She was forced to go to AA and only shows up to about 10% of the meetings where she sits off to herself texting on her cell phone.

She has between now and Dec. 13th to plead guilty and accept the sentence and not go to trial or, go to trial and possibly be found not guilty and walk away scot free.

This is what they call justice.


2 Responses to “JAMES SHORT Killer gets ONLY 18 months!?!”

  1. All i can say is “wow” James Short may you toe roll in peace brotha..

  2. Damn! I had no idea this was his story. Anther sad American justice story

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