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“Le Mardi”

Posted in My Ramblings, Promo Teaser Trailers, Support Rollerblading with tags , , , on November 19, 2010 by lordbrian

          The French phrase “Le Mardi” means “On Tuesday” when I used some random French to English translator that I found on Google to decipher the name of this new jazzy edit coming from the Co.Efficient Crew out in Long Beach, California. This edit features the rollerblading talents of Gregory Preston, Vincent Martinez & Keith Hubbard.
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The 5W’s with JON ORTIZ!

Posted in 5W's, Coming Soon, Hear It From... with tags on November 15, 2010 by lordbrian

          Jon Ortiz is the true definition of a legend. He has left lasting impressions in the rollerblading scene with his trademark style that has influenced pretty much everybody out there who have seen him skate. Jon Ortiz was one of my influences when I was coming up in the rollerblade scene back in the mid-90’s so it is an absolute honor to have him take the time out to answer the 5W’s. His in-depth and truthful answers make this a classic in my book. Enjoy kiddies!
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Up & Coming All-Star: RAY GERENA

Posted in Up & Coming All-Star with tags on November 12, 2010 by lordbrian

Raymond Gerena
Representing: Perth Amboy, New Jersey (AMboys)
Age: 17
Years Skating: 4
Skates: Xsjado Basic 2’s
Frames: Featherlite 2’s
Wheels: 4×4 Brian Shima
Sponsors: None

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“The Simpsons Arcade Game” Rollerblading Surprise!

Posted in My Ramblings with tags , on November 4, 2010 by lordbrian

          As I said over and over I am a big iPhone game enthusiast since I don’t own a game system. So, you know I was surprised when I picked up a FREE trial version of “The Simpsons Arcade” game which in itself is a throwback to my old quarter-poppin’ days at the local pizzeria playing their arcade machines.
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R E S P E C T Anthony Williams

Posted in RESPECT with tags , on November 1, 2010 by lordbrian

Name: Anthony Williams
Age: 25
Representing: Long Beach, but grew up in the O.C.
Years Skating: 13 years
Sponsors: USD

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