R E S P E C T Anthony Williams

Name: Anthony Williams
Age: 25
Representing: Long Beach, but grew up in the O.C.
Years Skating: 13 years
Sponsors: USD

          Anthony Williams was born and raised in the sunny county of O.C. While growing up, Anthony first began skating in the confines of the local Roller Rink before progressing to Roller Hockey which eventually led him to the world of Aggressive skating. By taking out his middle wheels and attempting to grind everything possible Anthony quickly began working on his future in Rollerblading. Thus, his skating career began…

          After honing his skills and perfecting his craft, Anthony Williams got his first taste of the rollerblading spotlight with his 1st video appearance in Tyler Shields last project ever entitled “WAR”. From there he caught the eye of then-USD manager Scott Walker who picked him up for the USD-Flow Team. A short while later, Anthony came out with an online edit which grasped the attention of Shane Coburn that led to Anthony being picked up by Mindgame along with a Flow File section at the end of the last Mindgame video “Accidental Machines”.

          Recently, Anthony Williams finished up filming for Lonnie Gallegos’ “Fade Nation 3: Green” which is out right now and he will also be featured in Rachard Johnson’s & Erick Rodriguez upcoming film project entitled “9to5”. And since he found a couple of hours of freetime you can also find Anthony working with Quinn Feldman on ACHOSEN-FEW.COM ( www.achosen-few.com ).

Need help doing a 270 back Savannah?…Anthony got you on that!

Want to hang out for a few days with Anthony?…he got you on that too!


2 Responses to “R E S P E C T Anthony Williams”

  1. Very dope, I didn’t know much of this guy but now i’m a supporter.

  2. tony ferreira Says:

    yeah man , usd boys go hard !!! i saw an edit of him ,i think ,on a skatebord he killed it , no joke !

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