“The Simpsons Arcade Game” Rollerblading Surprise!

          As I said over and over I am a big iPhone game enthusiast since I don’t own a game system. So, you know I was surprised when I picked up a FREE trial version of “The Simpsons Arcade” game which in itself is a throwback to my old quarter-poppin’ days at the local pizzeria playing their arcade machines.

          As soon as I loaded it up I knew a loading screen was in the midst and low and behold…eventhough it may seem a bit corny to some but I got a little kick out of seeing a pair of skates on the cool rabbit!

…it’s better than seeing the over-used skateboard!


One Response to ““The Simpsons Arcade Game” Rollerblading Surprise!”

  1. lukusmafius Says:

    Cool considering vary is the original skateboard dude.

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