Up & Coming All-Star: RAY GERENA

Raymond Gerena
Representing: Perth Amboy, New Jersey (AMboys)
Age: 17
Years Skating: 4
Skates: Xsjado Basic 2’s
Frames: Featherlite 2’s
Wheels: 4×4 Brian Shima
Sponsors: None

           There is a new name beginning to sprout up in the Garden State of New Jersey…and I say Garden State because I’m not referring to my birth state as the ever-so-popular Armpit Of America. The last time I checked I didn’t smell so bad…

           Now, if any of you attended the 2010 Last Man Standing GROM/AM Comp at Maloof skate park then I am pretty sure that you have seen this New Jersey native lacing all 3 spots. Look at any of the comp edits and you will surely see Ray in there somewhere mixing it up with some of the East Coast’s finest. Ray is a part of the new generation of the New Jersey Rollerblading scene. And with N.J. O.G. Mike Hazard as a co-sign you can’t wrong. He is humble and let’s his skating speak for himself. Add in a smooth trick vocabulary then you have a skater who will impress you at every session.

          Keep an eye out for Ray G., his chapter in rollerblading is just getting started.

Ray Gerena Edit #1

Ray Gerena Edit #2


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