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“Jetsetting” With Sam Williams

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          Sam Williams is a multi-dimensional person. He is one of the few people that you can drop off anywhere and he will befriend somebody with his gift of gab. I witnessed this first-hand. A few years ago Sam was stranded in the middle of nowhere…in Ohio I believe. Tee and all of us backtracked in order to pick him up to drive him to the comp. When we found Sam about an hour later he had befriended some Indian guy and the guy ended up cooking Sam food and gave him a drink as well. We all were like WTF?!? It’s stories like this that set Sam apart. Trust me, if you personally know him then you know exactly what I am talking about.
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Congratulations To Razors Newest Rider RAMELLE KNIGHT!

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          In the late ‘90’s, I remember taking the 2 hour train ride from Brooklyn, East New York to the Bronx in order to skate with the locals at Mullaly’s Skatepark. One of the first bladers that I met who had left an impression on me was Ramelle Knight. Remember…this was back in the 90’s and what stood out to me was his advanced spins and trick vocabulary that he still has to this day. Before I skated I always popped in the latest Video Groove VHS to see what tricks were going on and when I got to Mullaly Ramelle was already 2 steps ahead of what I just watched! Over a decade later Ramelle is still killing it and with all the years of dues paid under his belt he is in a zone all of his own.
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So, What Exactly It Is That We Do?

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Freestyle Rolling
Freestyle Skating
Aggressive Skating
Aggressive Blading
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Support Ramelle Knight’s **NEW** Mixtape

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Missing Links

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          Recently, I went through all of my “Support Rollerblading” links in order to find out which companies and sites were still relevant and to my surprise I erased at least 20 or more! Where the hell did companies such as LeftFootRight or websites such a or RollHype go? This saddened me and made me realize just how many companies went under in the past year or so. So, I am asking all of you to please send me an email to if you don’t see a rollerblading company or website that should be on there. Thank you for your Support, peace and keep rolling!

Inspirational 10 Year Old Kamonluck Kanisthanon

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          This is her October 2010 Practice Edit. This is the feel good edit of the year I swear.


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          It took me a bit longer than I had anticipated to write up this dvd review but in the end all I hope is that you will read this and hopefully be encouraged to pick up this great dvd. I apologize for the length of this review but my early aspirations of becoming a writer has never left my blood.

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