Congratulations To Razors Newest Rider RAMELLE KNIGHT!

          In the late ‘90’s, I remember taking the 2 hour train ride from Brooklyn, East New York to the Bronx in order to skate with the locals at Mullaly’s Skatepark. One of the first bladers that I met who had left an impression on me was Ramelle Knight. Remember…this was back in the 90’s and what stood out to me was his advanced spins and trick vocabulary that he still has to this day. Before I skated I always popped in the latest Video Groove VHS to see what tricks were going on and when I got to Mullaly Ramelle was already 2 steps ahead of what I just watched! Over a decade later Ramelle is still killing it and with all the years of dues paid under his belt he is in a zone all of his own.

          This is why I would like to congratulate Ramelle Knight on his newest boot sponsor Razors which I feel is a nice fit with his skating style. He already has a head start going into 2011 so catch up kiddies.

Here is a quick little edit of Ramelle Knight breaking in his new skates:


One Response to “Congratulations To Razors Newest Rider RAMELLE KNIGHT!”

  1. I completely agree with you Lord Brian.

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