“Jetsetting” With Sam Williams

          Sam Williams is a multi-dimensional person. He is one of the few people that you can drop off anywhere and he will befriend somebody with his gift of gab. I witnessed this first-hand. A few years ago Sam was stranded in the middle of nowhere…in Ohio I believe. Tee and all of us backtracked in order to pick him up to drive him to the comp. When we found Sam about an hour later he had befriended some Indian guy and the guy ended up cooking Sam food and gave him a drink as well. We all were like WTF?!? It’s stories like this that set Sam apart. Trust me, if you personally know him then you know exactly what I am talking about.

SUAS: What’s up Sam and what’s going on in your Life right now? Tell me something good my brother!
SW: Well my man it seems like positivity and perseverance. A lot of good things seem to be going on and I’m surrounding myself with some great individuals.

SUAS: Positivity is definitely the key to breeding excellence…Recently, you seem to be all over the place! Every time I see contest edits you always seem to be in the mix somewhere. How in the world are you able to travel so much and can I have some of your frequent flyer miles?
SW: Well, I get some help from my sponsors and them. I also work at this club called “Marquee”, some of you guys have been my guests there and boom, there u have it jetsetting. I love to travel, there is no greater feeling then to wake up and be somewhere different. I love it and I also love to see all the homies at the comps skate and chill!

SUAS: I didn’t forget about those frequent flyer miles so I’ll take those from you in person 😉 Lately, I have been seeing a new fire inside of you and I am loving it. Who or what is inspiring you at the moment to progress even further with your skating?
SW: The new fire you see LB is the fire of loving what I do and being scared I’m not gonna have enough time to do it, so I try to do my best cuz u never know when ur not gonna be able to. A lot of us wake up and instantly we are adults with bills and responsibilities. We all just need to learn how to slow down and make the best out of any situation like when we were kids.

SUAS: I hear you on that, I’ve been drowning in bills lately but surely keeping that survival spirit going…but on another note I see you out there representing some new companies, who are you riding for at the moment?
SW: At the moment I am riding and keeping my loyalty to Razors, Jug, M1 wheels, Renegade Bearings and last but not least Psyko clothing. And I’d like to give a big shout out to Andy, Geoff, Mac & Matt at Razors, Mike & Robert at Jug, Wally at M1 and Josh Diaz at Psyko. Thank you soo much kadz!!! P.S. shout out to all the teams too that make all this possible.

SUAS: Great teams indeed! So. I’m hearing that you are moving out of NYC and back to VA, why are you relocating?
SW: The VA thing is not moving there just back and forth helping take care of my pops. Thanking god right now he got his new liver. NYC baby! Not going nowhere!

SUAS: God bless indeed and I’m glad to hear that your Father is doing much better. So, Sam let’s go back to touring for a minute, I remember when you went to Winterclash a few years ago and ended up staying there. Only you can stay in a foreign country out of the blue and make it work out I swear haha. What made you stay out there and what crazy story would you like to share with us because your life is like a sitcom so I know you have a pocketful of stories to share.
SW: Lol life is crazy! 2 days before I left to Europe I was hanging with Cindi Lauper and she said that I was gonna have the time of my life over there so boom hop on the plane, went to Norway and Sweden for a week and then I linked up with some real cool folks over there. It was insane just walking around Scandanavia and running into skaters like Olav Norheim, Jonas Bodker, Boas Utvik and Alex Cintelli. They showed me everything over there. I basically would couch surf, drink and skate.
          Then, hopped on another plane to Germany and that was crazy cuz I booked the flight to the wrong airport, and my taxi driver was a scumbag retard. He took me to the wrong Mullhausen which was 7 hours away from the one where the park was at and he also charged me 6 hundred Euro’s and called the cops cuz I tried to duck him. Lol I ain’t say take me to post war Germany hahaha. This dude tried to really take me to some place where dudes might phone check u for your Levis hahaha. Had a blast at the comp and decided u know what, I’m staying in Europe hahaha with like 300 bucks total. I got to party and skate and eat and do some of the most random things such as moose and cutting down Christmas trees hahaha. That was strange coming from south Jamaica, Queens! I liked it so much that I stayed, came back for like 3 days and went straight back to Europe.

SUAS: That story is exactly what I am talking about when I say that your Life is a sitcom. I have to ask you though, how in the world does a rollerblader from Jamaica, Queens end of hanging out with Cindi Lauper? You coming out with a pop album or something? Haha…
SW: Hahahahhahahah, Pop all the way dude that’s where the money is. I was at a music studio in the city and she knocked on the door. I opened it and I was like oh snap it’s Cindi Lauper and we talked for a good amount of hours. Even Tom Green, that’s my guy right there. Well, funny thing is growing up everybody used to say stuff about skating and the way I talked, then Pharelle made it cool (lol). Sike and now people wanna talk to me like I forgot what they used to say. Well, maybe let’s just chalk it up to ignorance. U know the saying God takes care of children and fools. Lol and a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Dunno where I’m going with it but they are them and we have been and always will be us!

SUAS: I’m going to switch it up on you a bit with the random question of the moment…you have $11 dollars in your pocket and your’e hungry in the middle of Manhattan. What would you spend your money on?
SW: If I had 11 bucks in Manhattan I would definitely grab some beers at Bar None and some dollar menu food. Or maybe just the beers lol .

SUAS: Dollar menu has saved the hunger of people on a budget everywhere for years! If there was ever a “Day In The Life” of Sam Williams what would it be like?
SW: If there were a day in the life of Sam Williams it would be crazy. First, I wake up, head to the bathroom and the menace begins. Next, text Cesar Macay to see what’s on his agenda to see if I can get some clips or pics. Hop on the Xbox and play Halo for some hours. Head out to go skate and try to accomplish something. Head home afterwards to shower then go to the city to meet up with a friend Daniel P. Grab my girl, party and try to live like there is no tomorrow. P.S. she’s awesome! I seem to have made enough connects in Manhattan so wherever we go we all get that rock star treatment. These guys hold it down!

SUAS: Back to the topic of skating, how long have you been skating and who were some of your influences when you first started out…and if you have any influences now, who are they?
SW: I started skating in 95-96. I saw some folks outside my school and I thought it was sick. Then I started skating with the homies at 22. Like Andy Lu, Ribo Azumaya , James Min , Sam Yin. Alex Nunez , and Sam Grimm. My influences I would definitely have to say are and still Mike Johnson, Sam Grimm, Alex Nunez, Jon Morciglio u LB, Ramelle, and John Stephens. Basically, it was like we skated everyday and just got progressively better and traveling did that too. Skating with Jbah and the rest of the Atliens def upped the anty! I would definitely like to thank the above listed for pushing me and not letting me give up.

SUAS: I’m am honored to have left an impression on you bro! last question though…when you are not out there skating what do you like to do?
SW: When I’m not skating I like to go out to bars and meet fun people, play Halo, and my favorite thing to do is buy kicks…there ain’t a day that goes by I don’t try to cop something fresh. Trying to be like money makin Mitch. Lol what else is there to do ‘cept enjoy my youth and live like there ain’t no tommorow?..O, and also I like hanging out with my favorite Filipino family the Escotos. P.S. check out Rays BBQ!
SUAS: You making me hungry for some BBQ now so let’s close this off my brother. Any last words or shout-outs?
SW: Ok, seems good to go. Shout outs…U LB, Sam Grimm, Alex Nunez, Steve & Pauly Cortez, Josh Diaz, Chris & Courtney Brown, Andy Wegener, Murda, Rob Lievanos, Jbah, Aragon, Dre Powell the dazed owl, Mom & Dad, Wally, 22k , my ill roommate Joseph Lee (he’s a ninja), Ramelle, John S., Jourdan Kurtz, Fabio, Mathias, Roman, Chaz, Cesar Macay he’s the illest lol, Larj Fresh, Erick Rodriguez, just everybody man. Razors, M1, Jug, Psyko the best! Thank you alll!…Ohh and Franco, Fish, AOR, Val Vera from Norther, Julian Duque, Pam & Tucker Freeland, Geoff Acersm, Matt Morrison, Stiffy, Sal Zaso, my girlfriend she’s soo patient, Jeph Howard, Mac McMeens and last but not least God!


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