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ASK LB Part 4!

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The questions keep arriving so I will keep on answering!
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NYC Let’s ENTER This IRollNY/USD Online Edit Contest!

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Let’s GO NYC!

          The IRollNY / USD Online Edit Contest has started as of January 16th! This is show and prove time! I have heard alot of talking so now it’s time to see some skating. Strap on your blades, be creative and good luck to everybody that enters! The time to make a name for yourself or make your name even more known is at hand so take advantage!

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STOP Uploading Aragons’ “GAME THEORY” Section!

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          “US” as a blading community need to support each other so that we can continue growing. With that being said Brian Aragon and the Razors team has skated extremely hard for close to 2 years while working on “Game Theory”. So, to see his section uploaded to Youtube barely a month after its official release is very disappointing. By uploading not only are you taking money from the pockets of the amazing Razors team and all the people who contributed to making this film possible; you are also hurting the skateshops who carry this dvd as well. We all talk about helping rollerblading grow so it’s time to back up all that talk by supporting each other not hurting each other. Every view is a smack to the face of rollerblading…think about it.

Subliminal Blading Advertising?

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          Nah, not really but this is proof that blading is all around me. About a week ago I picked up a copy of the FREE “Metro” newspaper and I found this picture. I didn’t really think anything of it until I saw “INRI” above Christ on the cross and I immediately thought of Sean Cullen’s INRI Cloth. It’s funny how subliminal things reminds me of blading…just thinking outloud.

          Sorry for the quality of the pic but I tore this out and left it in my pocket for a few days and then spilled water on it. Haha, shit happens!