STOP Uploading Aragons’ “GAME THEORY” Section!

          “US” as a blading community need to support each other so that we can continue growing. With that being said Brian Aragon and the Razors team has skated extremely hard for close to 2 years while working on “Game Theory”. So, to see his section uploaded to Youtube barely a month after its official release is very disappointing. By uploading not only are you taking money from the pockets of the amazing Razors team and all the people who contributed to making this film possible; you are also hurting the skateshops who carry this dvd as well. We all talk about helping rollerblading grow so it’s time to back up all that talk by supporting each other not hurting each other. Every view is a smack to the face of rollerblading…think about it.


15 Responses to “STOP Uploading Aragons’ “GAME THEORY” Section!”

  1. I support this 100%

  2. Nicely worded. Also if stuff like this keeps up, pretty soon people will stop making skate videos because everyone will just bootleg it.

  3. Majority of people Says:

    Fuck you nigga, people aint tryin to spend dey money on no dvd. u see dey house in cali!!!! they dont need no mo money in dey pockets!

  4. Andreas Larfors Says:

    I agree with what you’re saying, but here’s my 2 cents:
    Cent number 1: People seeing this section might be further encouraged to go out and buy the dvd, not the other way round. Besides, the dvds are produced in a limited run and sold to skateshops, who have them for sale until the copies run out. And they do run out. Sure, if they ran out a bit quicker then Razors might make another production run, but it’d have to be bigger sales numbers and at a quicker rate, and that will not happen with the lack of bootlegs on YouTube alone.
    Cent number 2: People will not stop making skate videos. They do it because it’s fun and to promote the company, not to make money. The sales in skates the Razors/Valo/etc achieve by the release of new videos most probably covers the cost of filming and producing the video anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong, of course we shouldn’t bootleg rollerblading dvds. They’re not particularly expensive and are usually very, very good. Just my 2 cents!

  5. Aragon uploaded it himself didn’t he?

  6. fuck the people who keep uploading it. and arent there CDs that cant be bootleg???

  7. i want to see this. someone else best upload again it soon, cause i aint spending the scrillas on the dvd.

  8. now i dont want this to come out the wrong way and i really digg your blog and respect a lot of your views however……

    2 years for that ? not one bonus clip ? the worlds worst menu ? not one chaz clip ? dirty lense’s ?

    i am a skater getting on for 13 years now and ive never been more let down.

    speaking of bootlegging id pay someone to bootleg Logical Progression !

  9. Rollerblading is small enough as it is. I dont rollerblade and i was trying to show some people that are ignorant to the sport how sick and legit it is. Taking it off the web is dumb and hurting your sport more. you want more money? you need more poeple to see whats going on. Its like never showing shawn whites double cork unless you buy it.

  10. so you think its fucked up for aragon’s section to be posted on youtube FOR FREE, but dont even question the fact that all the music used in the video was FOR FREE…think about it

  11. and fuck razors and aragon…im glad the shit got posted

  12. some one also uploaded the whole game theory dvd on vimeo! that is well out of order! i can understand if aragon uploaded his section on youtube as a marketing idea, when i saw it i thought i need to see the whole dvd,
    but putting the whole thing online is not only illigal but not fair on the people who worked to make it!
    p.s its been removed from vimeo now!

  13. STOP your bitching people. I’ll bet that all you kids saying it’s bs that the video was uploaded to youtube and people should pay for the DVD, download torrents and rip movies and music. you all need to stop this shit. who cares if the video was uploaded for kids who can’t afford to pay $20 bucks.

    Wouldn’t you rather those kids who can’t afford to pay be inspired to skate. All I see is everyone trying to make shit ass documentary videos on rollerblading to “Bring it Back”. This shit is ridiculous. I’ve been skating since the Chris Edwards and Arlo days and it was huge and now it’s not. Big deal!!!

    If you love to skate, skate. If you want to “Bring it Back”, sorry, but the way all you NYC kids are doing it, is all wrong. Let it happen on it’s own. Make sick edits, not shit ass LES box edits with shitty filming and editing.

    Please respond, cause you n00b skaters are wack.

  14. I agree to a point that torrenting skate videos is bad for the sport. But that really only goes for NEW skate videos. People who are sharing the classics need to be commended. I have copies of Vine Street, Charg!ng, and others, but I won’t upload those until years have passed and they need to be reborn.

    Also, before people bitch about my admitting that I upload (and wil continue to upload) videos, I just donated to AJs new The 20 Project video, so I am doing my part to keep NEW videos being made. More people just need to do what AJ did and use Kickstarter as a ‘pre-sale’ platform, which also saves us the cost of shipping on the DVD.

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