ASK LB Part 4!

The questions keep arriving so I will keep on answering!

Question #1: I was at Bitter Cold Show Down a few years ago and I remember you hooking up some kid with skates right off of your feet after his were stolen. What was the story behind that?
That was one of my many unforgettable Bitter Cold Show Down moments! The story goes like this…We had just finished judging a round of the AM/PRO portion of the contest. We had about 10 minutes of spare time so I decided to head out to the vendors outside to get something to eat. As I passed by the Registration Desk I saw a young blader crying and frantically looking for something around the bench area. He was tossing bags to the side and looking underneath the bench itself before giving up and panicking a bit. I approached him to find out what was going on and he told me that somebody has stolen his skates while he was watching the contest. He had hid them under the bench before the comp had started.

I’m all about keeping our sport growing so I immediately told him not to worry about it and to wait right there. So, I went to my bag and gave him my Razors without a second thought. The skates were about 2 sizes too big but the look of appreciation on his face was priceless. He instantly put them on his feet and started skating the funbox with a smile on his face. It made my weekend knowing that I helped a fellow blader to keep on skating.

Question #2: You have been skating on Valos for a long time. Do you have stock in the company?
Haha! I wish I had stock in the company, it would be a safe investment! And I have been rolling on Valos since 2003 when the company began and I am down for life…just ask JJ and he’ll let you know the deal 😉

Question #3: Who is are your favorite up and comers in NYC at the moment?
New York City has one of the deepest talent pools in rollerblading. There are a lot of great rollerbladers out here killing it but if I had to make a list of my favorite up and comers it would definitely include Jose Henriquez, Dave Lang, Ryan Many & James Perez…I also have to mention Mal Ashby and the little ripper James Macay coming up strong as well.

Question #4: Your fat and bald…
Your Mom is fat and your Father is bald…probably from chemo.

Question #5: Who should get the next Pro model in every boot company?
What the hell? Haha, I love these questions! Keep them coming everybody!

Nimh – Jon Jon Bolino because he is beyond good in blading and deserves to be one of the youngest with a signature model.
Razors – Dre Powell because his boot brought something new to the table and that was too many years ago to not have another boot with his name on it. Dre has put in work for Razors and should be on his 5th boot by now.
Rollerblade – Matthias Ogger eventhough when he met me in Long Beach he shitted in my bathroom and stunk up the whole place haha.
USD – Dominic Sagona because he is the style King and doesn’t need an excuse to get another Pro model.
Valo – Brandon Smith because he is too damn talented to not have one.
Xsjado – Ben Schwab because he is very, very good and deserves another boot since his last one could have been a bit better…at least color wise.

…did I forget anybody? Damn blading needs more boot companies!


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