Company Spotlight: PSYKO CLOTHING

          I really like Psyko Clothing…and I really like the fact that it is a New York City homegrown company. Josue Diaz is a man that I have known for many years and to see his baby all grown up is amazing. I still have his first shirt which depicted the bone anatomy of a human with pink blotches incorporated in the design at a time when PINK was the new “IT” thing in blading.

          Even though at the time he was relatively unknown you could already tell that he was going in the right direction with Psyko. Now, his company is out there and rapidly making a name for itself with original designs and a charismatic team backing him up. Let’s talk with Josue a little bit to see what is up with Psyko Clothing.













SUAS: Where was the idea for the creation of PYSKO CLOTHING born from?
The idea for Psyko came when I was home trying to figure out what I can do with my all of my drawings and digital images. It seems that the name Psyko fitted well after every person I would show my drawings to apparently thought they were a bit too psychotic. So, I just rolled with it and this was the summer of 2006. I also have always been a big fan of Jeremy Beightol artwork and his look of things so without any hesitation I immediately approached him via Myspace.

SUAS: Jeremy is an amazing artists so it’s safe to say that we will be seeing some of his designs in your upcoming line?
Yes, Jeremy Beightol has been a big part of the brand look and esthetic. Me and Jeremy will pitch ideas back forth every week. He has been on board since 2009 and has been pumping out his work such as the Hunted tee, No Love tee, Luna tee and the brands logo. So, you will def see more his amazing drawings and compositions in the future.













SUAS: On the topic of your art and Mr. Beightol¹s designs what is the thought process behind the unique designs that your clothing displays?
This is one of the toughest things that we do here. What we do is we pick two themes of things we like to discuss. We talk about them for few days to research ideas for inspiration and then we draw things out. After about 7 drawings we pick out the 4 best that fit in to the themes. Everything is made in-house from drawings to printing. I do most of the printing in my shop and package everything so it is a true hands-on skater owned company.

SUAS: Any new products currently in the works?
Yes, we have few goodies coming for next Fall. One thing we need is apparel. There too many t-shirt companies in this small industry and we need to step into new things. So, hopefully by end of the summer we will show everybody what is next in Psyko goods.
















SUAS:What is the official team roster for the PYSKO CLOTHING TEAM 2011?
Officially it is Damien Wilson, Nick Wood, Franky Morales, Wild Bill, Dave Lang , Casey McFarland, Miguel Ramos, & Alejandro Velez. We might have someone new by Bitter Cold Show Down.

SUAS: With a stacked team like that what would you like to accomplish for the company this year?
To stay alive for few more years and hopefully continue growing.













SUAS: Any last words or shout-outs?
Yes, watch out for the new Kaspa line sick sick sick that’s all.

Check out the PSYKO CLOTHING website for all of your psychotic needs!


4 Responses to “Company Spotlight: PSYKO CLOTHING”


  2. Daryl Bull Says:

    Met Josue at my local skatepark in England.. super nice guy pretty surprised whrn i turned up and saw people from NYC come to Margate… wish u all the best, hope all goes well in the future.

  3. Lovin the latin flavor Psyko brings into blading. Keep it rolling… We’ll keep supporting.

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