The 5W’s with Vinny Minton

          Vinny Minton is someone who I consider a class act. I remember officially meeting him in 2004 at Tee’s house the day Ol’ Dirty Bastard from the Wu-Tang Clan died. We were up late watching Mac Dre vids and talking and he told me about ODB after catching the info from a text I believe. Even though we had just become friends I felt like I had known him for years. And with us being from 2 entirely different coasts I have to thank Vinny for introducing me to his Bay Area lingo…it took me awhile to learn how use the word “Hella” in a sentence properly haha. Much love Vinny and here are his 5W’s!
















You have inspired so many skaters with your style that the list would be far too long to print here. WHO were some of your inspirations when you were coming up in the blading game?
Throughout my years of skating my inspiration always changed, but I would say my biggest inspiration came from Jon Julio. Seeing him skate when I was a youngster in my local skate park, I would try to emulate his tricks when he’d leave haha.. I also got a lot of motivation/inspiration from all the people that used to hate on me saying, all I knew how to do is flip and that I wouldn’t go anywhere from skating. It feels good to prove people wrong!!

You have the most amazing camera set-up that I have ever seen. WHAT is this creation called?…or was it a custom set-up tailored to your recording needs?
: Depending on what I’m shooting my rig could be set up a number of different ways.. I have a lot of camera toys.. but you can normally catch my camera set up on the Glidecam 2000hd, the Cinevate Atlas or the Cinevate Core.
















We need to see another full-length blading flick from Imperial Productions! WHEN are you going to drop another installment of your Hyphy series?
Haha, Hyphy never… that’s done for, but I do plan on working on a new video this year. I’ve already been slowly filming for it…just trying to make the time. I actually went out to Seattle a few months back and got some sick footage. I don’t have a name for the video but soon enough, I will drop something.

WHERE do you go at the end of a long day of filming to unwind and relax your thoughts?
I like to hit up a hot tub and have a glass of red wine. That’s something I’ve grown accustomed to. After a long day of skating, I used to always hit the hot tub to relax the body and it’s good for the joints.

Give us 5 reasons WHY the Bay Area is the place to be?
My family, my friends, San Francisco, work, and skate parks.

(and sometimes…) HOW do you come up with the ideas for orchestrating such amazing edits?
Really a lot of my ideas just come from being on the spot. They normally come from that particular moment from what’s around me. Just life…you can’t go back in time but you can relive certain moments because of the camera.

Razor Swag: Vinny Minton (Imperial Video) Edit


9 Responses to “The 5W’s with Vinny Minton”

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  2. Frenchy guy Says:

    Nice interview, can we ask questions to vinny ?

  3. Yeeah Vinny..
    U do it! One more time.


  4. hey dude,
    nline skate and good videos
    perfect combination!

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  6. Erick Garcia Says:

    great read!

  7. Well wrote out.

  8. Well wrote out.

    Good interview

  9. cant wait for that full length video

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