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Shop ‘N’ Swap event Saturday, April 30th 2011

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R E S P E C T Hyper Mike

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Full Name: Hyper Mike
Age: 29
Representing: ME, Spanish Harlem and the street inline skaters of New York City
Years Skating: 19+ years
Sponsors: Me

           Hyper Mike is not a newcomer to the NYC blading scene. He has been here from the early years and paid his dues in full while representing the Spanish Harlem bladers. Mike took a short break to take care of some personal aspects of his life a short while ago but he has since returned full throttle with a new vigor for blading as well as his own website . Mike is an important part of the NYC blading revival and this is a little insight of who he is… 

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V4L Thanks JJ!

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          Sending a shout-out to JJ & the Valo Fam for always treating LB well! I’m here rocking this crisp tee from a little package that was sent to me a short while ago.


BMSC: Battle My Son’s Crew

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          Yeah, I said it…all you little skate crews out there got nothing on my son’s Skate Crew Dino Division. If Dave Paine was still around they would take Battle My Crew: NYC.
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Pier 25 YOU vs. THEM Session Saturday, April 9th

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