Exclusive LB-CAM pics from Shop ‘N’ Swap 4/30/2011

          On Saturday, April 30th 2011 at Maloof Skatepark in Flushing, Queens there was a great grassroots event that focused on something other than blading. Brought to you by the creative minds of Victor Callender & Wheels In Motion the 1st annual Shop ‘N’ Swap event turned out to be a success. Many bladers picked up free products as well as top quality blading items for rock bottom prices. Where else can you pick up frames for $5, wheels w/ bearings for $10 and even brand new Deshi Carbon souls for $5! I loved the positive vibe throughout the day and I defnitely look forward to the next Shop ‘N’ Swap so I can find even more deals!


Sam Williams is always fresh to death, just look at the sharp angle direction of that shape up. He’s not playing around with his hair game.

The youngest member of the Art Of Rolling family London is charging up with some Oreos before he takes on the ramps with Daddy Angelo.

 The hardest working mind in NYC never takes a rest…even at an event that he put together. Victor is here thinking of ways to make the next Shop ‘N’ Swap even bigger and better!

Bladers checking out the 1st 3D rolling magazine from Art of Rolling which was on sale this weekend. Did you pick up your copy yet?


Good times, great friends and the Brotherhood of the Traveling Shorts best describe this picture. Yeah, the shorts that Sam Grimm are wearing has done more tricks than your favorite blader…true story. Ask him!

Victor using his Face Book Mobile to see why NYC bladers are so late to sessions and events…and sometimes, not even show up 😦

If you plan on blading at Maloof Skatepark make sure you pack a bunch of singles so you can buy some hunger fullfilling Empanadas from the Spanish lady with the shopping cart. At only $1 each for Beef, Chicken or Cheese you can’t go wrong! This is the 1st of about 4 that I consumed throughout the day.

I told you the Empanadas were addictive, just look at Gee Lee in the background munching on a Chicken one while the festivities are going on yonder.

As bladers arrive they drop off their items in this area and we set it up for sale or giveway. Here is a little sneak peek of some of the items you could have came home with if you missed out.

Those frames sold for $5…just in case you were wondering…with the wheels…and bearings.

Shirt for $5 and a hoodie for about $8. Oh yeah liners and skates too for dirt cheap prices!

 Stretching is so important to do before you blade and if you take care of your body it will take care of you in return. Franco knows what’s up.

The first to finish the rail gets the JUG shirt…sitting down will get you shirtless.

As the sun sets the skating is still going strong. NYC represented today.


2 Responses to “Exclusive LB-CAM pics from Shop ‘N’ Swap 4/30/2011”

  1. it went down just like that

  2. awww i want to be there

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