VALO/NYC “End Of The World” session LB-CAM pics

          On Saturday, May 21st 2011 when people were spending their life savings with the promise of the world’s end there was a great session between friends and family in blading happening right in the Big Apple. ShutupandSKATE & the LB-CAM were there to show support and of course capture moments for memories sake. Enjoy!

          Off in the distance amongst the pillars of society there is a session brewing showcasing to the many passerbys that blading is here to stay!

          JJ is getting the camera ready as the bladers prepare to set-up their next tricks on the ledge to drop.

Shardy’s doom lense is bigger than most people’s cameras.

Wonder who they are looking?…Franco Cammayo getting speed from across the street to do a… 😉

Angelo Ferrer mid-flight before he saved himself from a rib-plant on the stairs.

         If you don’t come off of the ledge in time you will meet either the barricade, garbage can, tree or the bench.

A newly buff Jeff Scott and a newly bald Anthony Soto.

What are you going to do about the new law banning you from lighting up outside?

          Only in America we can show up with about 100 bladers and skate the front of the Supreme Court building with no problem but get kicked out of a playground when only 8 of us arrive.

          Waiting for the Parks Department workers to go away but the rain starts coming down trying to ruin the day.

          Killing time by having a pull-up contest in the wet playground…got to do something while the downpour goes away.

Blading back to the first spot to pick up the bladers that were caught in the rain.

The ‘stache, all about the ‘stache.

          The worst pretezels in NYC are being sold by an old guy directly in front of the Supreme Court. DO NOT but those stale pretzels from him! Seriously, how do you mess up a pretzel?

          Through the eyes of the pretzel Chauncey Jenkins is attempting to lace Back Royale through all of the links.

          If I had a dollar for every person that I see daily in this position I would put it back into the industry for a $10,000 cash pot for all the comps throughout the year.

          Blading to the next spot in full force, you should have seen how many people stopped and looked in awe.

Brandon Smith mid-thought on his next scenic shot.

          Victor Callender & Jon Julio are the definition of professionalism in our sport. It’s always great being in the presence of these 2 gentleman.

How many bladers out there can name this trick?

If you know Hector Rodriguez you already know that this pornstar is not just a pornstar…it is a trick leading into one of his swtch-ups that will make you go WTF?

Evan Grimball True Top Souls with ease.

          It was an IMYTA type-session at this spot with bladers taking every trick to the next level one after another.

          VCC going through the motions and doing his introduction flawlessly first try. No pressure when the camera is rolling.

Angelo F. making a bold statement with this shirt.

Shardy N. setting up the lighting fixtures for his amazing shots.

          Art of Rolling were giving out their newest issue which is blading 1st 3-D issue for FREE! Now that is giving back. I know those issues are pretty costly to make.

NYC locals picked up their FREE issue and checking it out oon the spot.

Shardy setting up the group shot, which took a bit long since bladers don’t have any patience.

Franco Cammayo taking a break to check out the BBM’s.


One Response to “VALO/NYC “End Of The World” session LB-CAM pics”

  1. gregory prestön Says:

    Sooo dope man wish i could have made it

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