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Hyper Mike’s “Astoria…VS. Battle” LB-CAM Pics

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          ShutupandSKATE dropped by Hyper Mike’s “Astoria VS. Battle” to show support and of course capture some pics for those of you who weren’t present. I had family priorities the same day as the battle so I arrived a bit late and couldn’t stay too long but enjoy the few pics that I did capture.
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An American Hero: Jon Morciglio

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           Several years ago in the NYC blading scene there was an individual with an unforgettable last name who kept on popping up all over the place in contest rankings, sessions and dvd’s such as “Slideshow” & “Hyphy’s 1,2 & 3” and even a page in the bible of blading “The Daily Bread. His name is Jon Morciglio. By the time he became a recognizable and pronounceable name in NYC he abruptly moved to California and became known on an even more mainstream level. At the peak of his fame he suddenly disappeared only resurfacing in a few clips here and there in various Vinny Minton online edits.
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Osbel Velez: Back In The Game

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          I want to take this time to introduce to you a blader named Osbel Velez. I also want to personally welcome Osbel Velez back to blading. After a 10 year absence from the blading scene Osbel is back and blading all over the place while representing NJ to the fullest. In his own words he will give you all a glimpse into who he is and where he came from.
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Shardy Nieves In Front Of The Lens

Posted in Exclusive Interviews, Hear It From..., RESPECT, Support Rollerblading with tags , , , , , , , on June 9, 2011 by lordbrian

    Shardy Nieves has made a name for himself in the NYC photography scene within a years time. And now that he has hit his groove by putting his own personal style on what he captures, he is on his way to create a living with his newfound passion. Often experimenting with new cutting-edge shooting techniques, he is already separating himself from the sea of just anybody with a camera.
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“AChosen Few:NY” comp LB-CAM pics

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           On Saturday, June 4th “A Chosen Few” comp flew over to the East Coast and what an event it was! To sum it up the comp consisted off 2 spot busts, 2 new back-up spots, amazing blading from our locals and a great time had by all. The New York blading scene is growing and growing so enjoy the pictures, my captions and spread this blog around like the common cold!

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