“AChosen Few:NY” comp LB-CAM pics

           On Saturday, June 4th “A Chosen Few” comp flew over to the East Coast and what an event it was! To sum it up the comp consisted off 2 spot busts, 2 new back-up spots, amazing blading from our locals and a great time had by all. The New York blading scene is growing and growing so enjoy the pictures, my captions and spread this blog around like the common cold!

         I came across this intriguing piece of work on my way to the Battery Park Benches and I just had to capture it. Take away from it what you will but I love this piece.

          My son Brian munching on a dirty water dog before the day’s blading festivities begin.

          Earz & Merch on their folding chairs getting their front row seats before the incoming crowd ensues.

            Danny Figgz took a hiatus from blading, came out and easily placed 3rd in the comp. Now that he is warmed up I can bet he will capture a couple of top spots very soon.

Ray Mendez setting up the iPod playlist for the bladers to grind to.

The mic is checked for the MC of the event and the clipboards are ready for the judges tallies.

James Perez plotting on what spots in the 1st round he wants to destroy with ease.

Craig Benabu & Sam Williams arrive at the 1st spot while Ray explains the schedule for the day.

          There is absolutely no reason for any blader in NYC to be rolling on slanted pizza cutters when you have Jon Ortiz at every event and session selling fresh Denial wheels.

          If you see Joey Crax at any NYC comps then you know that he got you covered with the $1 waters & $2 Vitamin Waters.

Victor lending a helping hand with putting up the I ROLL NY banner.

          Jose Henriquez displaying his artistic skills as he works on a card for Dave Hoteling for all the bladers to sign. Get well soon Dave, we need you out here!

Craig B. on the mic warming up the crowd and welcoming bladers.

The sign says it all.

Victor Callender showing support for the NYC scene and politiking as usual.

          NYC came out in full force to support each other. In this pic alone I spy Ramelle Knight, Sam Williams, John Stephens, Carly Sanchez, and more!

NYC blading legend Joe Dedentro in the house.

And so it begins…ACFNYC2011

Figgz came out hungrier than I’ve ever seen him before.

Sam Williams ninja steezing it across the benches.

          Big Rah is Event Security, comp MC and holds down the crowd like no other. Bladings top hype man right here.

          Jon O. holding it down for Dave Hoteling by passing the card around for all to sign. There was alot of love for Dave that day.

          I catch some of the best mid-air falls by accident, but I also like to show the bladers lacing so here is a trick he landed shortly after…

…Kindgrind on a rounded-edged bench.

When the crowd goes dull Rah hypes you up son!

          The best way to kill time between heats and keep your body warmed up is to do some push-ups. Sam Williams & Mal Ashby are about up to 20 at the moment.

          John Stephens true topsouls the whole bench with ease in his first trick of his round to open up. Now that is a statement.

Christian Batista filming the hypeman doing what he does best.

The Park Rangers come out to put a stop to our blading show.

Of course back-up came out to quell things down but we still outnumbered them by ALOT.

          James Macay setting up at the backup spot for the first round which were the ledges right where the SI Ferry drops you off. We got kicked out of 1 spot but we always have a backup plan.

          The 1st round is finally over and the crowd is sessioning while they wait to find out who made the cut for round 2.

The judges discussing what went down and who goes into the next round.

Ray M. on the mic announcing the round 2 advancers.

          The pizzeria on the way to the 2nd spot made about $150 in a few minutes of us rolling in there for a quick bite.

          The 2nd spot which a high playground ledge is all the way up this steep hill past the trees in the background, it gave your legs a workout.

The ledge being smoothed down before it is waxed up for supreme sliding.

Ray M. running down the list of names of the 2nd round one more time.

2 of SI’s finest Austin Paz & Franco Cammayo coming out to support this comp on their home turf.

Figgz lacing a Mach-10 back royale 540 out across the ledge.

Figgz back again with a Topsoul 540 out, he wasn’t playing around.

          I wasn’t going to post this pic because  have alot of Figgz shots but I found it funny how he’s about to lace a sweatstance between a tree and pole.

A blurry Jordan Baez top torque souling it.

A blurry James Perez 270 back unitying it.

Drops started to pour down so we had to keep the amp nice and dry with the green umbrella.

After an impressive 2nd round we all headed back downhill to the Stadium Ledges for the finals.

          This is the view from the top of the hill that we all went up earlier, and a few bladers took on this hill and made it alive.

          Because of a family event next door security had this spot on lock before we all arrived so it was an immediate bust.

          Craig B. tries his best to buy us at least 10 minutes to throw down but the security wasn’t hearing it, but thanks for the effort Craig.

          While everyone was figuring out where to go next for the final spot Danny F. was the only one hitting this spot and trying ledge roll to soul on the stadium ledge.

And that’s all for now fellow skaters and haters. I had my 3 year old son with me so I was trying to head home since the comp went on a bit longer than expected so unfortunately I don’t have any pics from the final spot…well thanks for passing by!


One Response to ““AChosen Few:NY” comp LB-CAM pics”

  1. Lovin’ it…
    Thanks again Lord Brian for being part of this event…
    And for being a Blading Super Trooper always..!

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