An American Hero: Jon Morciglio

           Several years ago in the NYC blading scene there was an individual with an unforgettable last name who kept on popping up all over the place in contest rankings, sessions and dvd’s such as “Slideshow” & “Hyphy’s 1,2 & 3” and even a page in the bible of blading “The Daily Bread. His name is Jon Morciglio. By the time he became a recognizable and pronounceable name in NYC he abruptly moved to California and became known on an even more mainstream level. At the peak of his fame he suddenly disappeared only resurfacing in a few clips here and there in various Vinny Minton online edits.

          Update: I am proud to let all of you know that our little brother Jon Morciglio has grown into a man that I have tremendous respect for. He is a currently a member of the U.S. Army! Jon is also happily married and in a very secure place for his financial future. I wish him nothing but the best, and when he comes around for a visit I can’t wait to see him blade one more time. We miss you Jon and THANK YOU for defending our freedom!


5 Responses to “An American Hero: Jon Morciglio”

  1. My man!!

  2. awwwwww thx Lord B for show casing my ANOTHA SON FROM ANOTHA MUTHA!!! MISS YA JON thx for picking the freedom torch!!

  3. man i havent seen jon since he came up here to Cape Cod and skated. that was about 6 years ago. We miss you bro and give them hell!

  4. Joseph vargas Says:

    Holy fuck yo Jon if u see this hmu

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