Hyper Mike’s “Astoria…VS. Battle” LB-CAM Pics

          ShutupandSKATE dropped by Hyper Mike’s “Astoria VS. Battle” to show support and of course capture some pics for those of you who weren’t present. I had family priorities the same day as the battle so I arrived a bit late and couldn’t stay too long but enjoy the few pics that I did capture.

          Just messing around with the LB-CAM and throwing a blue-ish hue on things. If you never been to Astoria Skatepark just follow the track and the park will be under the bridge to your right.

          Lo and behold, a decent skatepark lies directly underneath the bridge which makes for a nice break from the scorching sun.

          Alot of flatland area in the park which can be used to gain speed for the obstacles scattered throughout.

          This picture of Shardy & Hyper Mike is kind of funny to me since it seems as if Shardy’s head is in the exact some position as Hyper Mike’s at the exact moment.

          Hyper Mike tallying up the points for tricks landed to see which bladers advance in their rankings.

Josue Diaz from PSYKO Clothing striking as pose in the grass.

          Joe Dedentro in the building and Hyper Mike going through OG blading photos of Joe D. himself.

Shardy N. contemplating his next photographic move.

The waiting line to hit the angle iron ledge is over 10 deep.

Alley Oop Acid across the whole ledge…RESPECT.

          From CA to NY Lonnie Gallegos lacing Back Farv across the ledge while in vacay from Cali.

          As you can see the park is a bit too spacious, alot more can be added so speak up!

          The hardest working photographer in NYC is always out at every event getting all the shots.

          When not shredding NYC spots Lonnie G. switches up to the rec. blades for easy cruising through the streets of NYC.

          Shardy rode his bike from the BX to Astoria, Queens, that’s how you stay in blading shape.

NYC bladers conversing, filming and blading all over the park.

FREE Redbull! That’s right, Redbull came by and gave out some liquid strength.

Astoria Battle Edit by Navin Hardyal from Skeptic Media


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