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LB vs. RB’s Questions

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         If you have visited the Team TRS website then I am sure that you know where these questions have come from. When you go to the Pro team section and click on any of the riders portraits you will see this exact set of questions in which the team rider answers. I am definitely not a Pro but I always get a kick out of twisting things up a bit so I decided to take their questions and answer them myself haha! Enjoy and hopefully some of you will see a different side of good ol’ LB.
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More To Seattle Than Starbucks!

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          ShutupandSKATE sending love to the bladers in Seattle! There is more to Seattle than Starbucks, so check out their site when you get the chance ( ) One nation under blades!

What Are You Rolling On? Victor Callender

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          Victor Callender took time out of his preparation for this year’s “Last Man Standing Competition Series” to give us some info on his current set-up and why he rolls this way. Continue reading

LB-CAM Lifestyle pics from Jordan Baez’s “McCarren Or Die Competition”

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          ShutupandSKATE was in attendance to show support for Jordan Baez’s 1st contest which was called “McCarren Or Die Competition”. This was a comp showcasing new Beginners as well as upcoming AMs. For his 1st contest, Jordan held it down for rollerblading and has plans to do a few more comps before the Summer is over so keep an eye out for that.

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