LB-CAM Lifestyle pics from Jordan Baez’s “McCarren Or Die Competition”

          ShutupandSKATE was in attendance to show support for Jordan Baez’s 1st contest which was called “McCarren Or Die Competition”. This was a comp showcasing new Beginners as well as upcoming AMs. For his 1st contest, Jordan held it down for rollerblading and has plans to do a few more comps before the Summer is over so keep an eye out for that.

          This is a nice piece that I found while heading to the comp. I am still a vandal at heart so I always take the time to appreciate unique artwork. I forgot what this format is called but it is a giant sticker put up billboard style.

          Ground Control was one of the many sponsors for this comp. I swear, this is the 1st banner that everybody wants to get their hands on afterwards. Luckily, the comp Staff held it down.

          I am a big fan of angle iron ledges, all you need is a coat of wax and it’s game over. These were the 3 ledges that were primarily used in the comp.

          There were plenty of prizes for those who entered, the sponsors did a great job supplying the goodies.

          Bladers arriving early to get a good warm-up session before the comp officially starts.

          My son keeping a watchful eye on the proper knowledge of rotating wheels. He needs to learn now because I’m not rotating his wheels when he gets older.

          If these were a size 10 Jordan would have been down a pair of blades 😉

          Yes, that is a p-rail…a very small one at that but a p-rail nonetheless.

          Itbelikethat Yup.

          This is a sign from a store down the block from the skatepark. Go in there with blades and tell the rude Asian lady LB sent you 🙂

Warm-ups for the Beginners are heating up.

         Fellow judge for the comp Sam Williams looking on at the gathering crowd.

          Art of Rolling’s Angelo Ferrer and Frank D’Angelo showing their support for NYC blading.

          A view of the ledges from the sun-infested judges area.

          A fresh shaven Danny Figgz has been on a tear since picking up the blades again.

          Sam W. setting up the rounds for the judges sheets.

          Spectators row.

          A rare look into the intricate judging system of good ol’ LB 😉

          From left to right is the 1st – 4th place for the Beginners which are Kwoadi, Justin B., Anthony B. and I am so sorry I forgot the little ripper’s name to the far right who was killing it with the laced topsides.

          The sun was beaming down on the bladers the whole day, I don’t blame him for wiping the beads of his forehead.

          My brother Antonio Cardona caught off guard by the LB-CAM.

               Sam W. providing crowd control as well as holding down announcements for the bladers for each round.

          Time for the crowd to assemble together to hear the names of those who placed.

          Can you find the “cheese” in this picture?

          This is what I call the plumber’s cam. This is a G set-up I swear!

          In 3rd we got Ryan Many

In 2nd we got Danny Figgz.

          And closing out the day we have the 1st place winner James Perez.


One Response to “LB-CAM Lifestyle pics from Jordan Baez’s “McCarren Or Die Competition””

  1. Vic Vizcaino Says:

    hell yeah james. Wish I couldve made it out looks like it was a fun time

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