What Are You Rolling On? Victor Callender

          Victor Callender took time out of his preparation for this year’s “Last Man Standing Competition Series” to give us some info on his current set-up and why he rolls this way.

Skates: Xsjados
Liners: Jug shoes
Wheels: M1
Bearings: Boss
Frames: Create Originals
Why Do You Roll This Way? Because the setup works. I ride anti-rocker and 56mm wheel to keep me stable and low to the ground, I also love the skate due to the fact I can put my own shoes in them. After rolling for so long, it feels good to put your feet in some skates and not feel like your actually in them.




One Response to “What Are You Rolling On? Victor Callender”

  1. i want to ask you this… what is your opinion about the xsjado chris farmer 4.1?

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