LB vs. RB’s Questions



         If you have visited the Team TRS website then I am sure that you know where these questions have come from. When you go to the Pro team section and click on any of the riders portraits you will see this exact set of questions in which the team rider answers. I am definitely not a Pro but I always get a kick out of twisting things up a bit so I decided to take their questions and answer them myself haha! Enjoy and hopefully some of you will see a different side of good ol’ LB.

Who are you?
I’m just a rollerblader name Brian that has been doing this since ’94.

How many years young are you?
32 years healthy.

What’s the best part of being a blader?
     The automatic family-like bond that develops as soon as you meet another blader no matter where in the world you go.

How do you survive long airplane flights?
     I am not a big fan of flying but a good prayer, an iPod, my iPad and beer consumption beforehand soothes my mid-flight anxieties.

Do you believe in aliens?
     I have read a lot and heard a lot about aliens but I’ll believe it when I see concrete proof whether it is a photo or footage. I do believe in illegal aliens though, they deserve an equal opportunity like everybody else.

Do you think Lil’ Wayne is possibly an alien?
     Lil’ Wayne is an alien from a planet called Garbage M.C.’s…let the hate on me begin for that statement haha.

Do you read books?
     Of course, knowledge is addicting. I’m currently reading a health book entitled “Over-The-Counter Natural Cures” which discusses natural lifesaving supplements that are available for under $10 that work better than any unpronounceable medication that you overpay for.

Are you good at math?
     The only math that counts in life is the one that we all use daily. And that is the mathematics of currency. Without that basic mathematical knowledge you’ll be broke with rich friends.

What’s your longest stair ride?
     I rode down 4 flights of stairs backwards in the city. It was so long ago that I am not sure about the exact location.

How does David Sizemore like his chicken wings cooked?
     Have no idea but the fact that he likes chicken wings puts him in good graces with me. I know do some good wing spots in Brooklyn though! I was going to order some tonight for dinner but I got sidetracked with all the other good food items on the menu and ended up eating a bomb-ass chicken burrito instead.

What music have you been into recently?
     I’m hip-hop to the blood line and have been listening to a lot of Slum Village, J-Dilla, Pharoahe Monche, M.F. DOOM, Jay Electronica, Tyler the Creator, Pusha T, & A Tribe Called Quest amongst others.

Who would win in a dance off, Rob G or John Travolta?
     John Travolta can get down when the scene is right but I’ve been hearing that Rob G. can tear it up when the music enters his soul. But, in this case I have to go with J.T. until I party with Rob to witness his moves firsthand.

James Brown or MGMT?
James Brown is the Godfather…period


2 Responses to “LB vs. RB’s Questions”

  1. Yeah! nice read man

  2. 32 … nice. keep rolling, at least until the aliens come lol… kiding… nice read

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