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LB-CAM Lifestyle Pics from NYC Street Invitational

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          If you are looking for strategic shots with multiple F-stops and special lighting then you are in the wrong blog. But, if you are looking for raw pics from a budget camera that tell a story of the comp from beginning to end than enjoy!
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Arsenio Patterson: Return of the Arsen

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         Arsenio Patterson is a name that is synonymous with NYC blading. His controlled switch-ups that blew our minds captivated the blading world and then, while he was on top……he disappeared. I caught up with Arsenio recently and we immediately put together this interview to clarify alot of what has been going on and to re-introduce him to the blading world. I present to you…Arsenio Patterson.
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Snap-Backs & Dice Stacks

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Aside from the buzz of this weekends NYC Invitational there are 2 products that has the blading world and particularly NYC buzzing. They are the I ROLL NY “New York Rollers” snap back hats & the Art Of Rolling “Skate Dice”. So, make sure you bring your allowance and pick these hot limited edition items up at the invitational while supplies last! Continue reading