Arsenio Patterson: Return of the Arsen

         Arsenio Patterson is a name that is synonymous with NYC blading. His controlled switch-ups that blew our minds captivated the blading world and then, while he was on top……he disappeared. I caught up with Arsenio recently and we immediately put together this interview to clarify alot of what has been going on and to re-introduce him to the blading world. I present to you…Arsenio Patterson.

SUAS: Damn bro, it has been way too long and I can honestly say that I miss the old days of us traveling in a packed van with the Spoil’d Bratt Family blading in contests all over the U.S. I especially miss the legendary sessions we had as well. But, how in the world are you doing right now my little brother?
AP: Back in the days were the best! Tee had us everywhere! Spoil’d Bratt, I can honestly say gave me the boost that I needed to become successful in the skating world. She taught us no matter what we accomplish never forget where you came from and I honor her for giving me that advice. I also appreciate all the love NYC had given me and is continuing to give me, without you I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. All you guys pushing me and telling me it doesn’t matter about your size, but it’s your heart and passion for the sport. But, the present Arsenio is in college striving to be a Computer Engineer, just skating for the love and I’m gonna continue to do so until I’m unable.

SUAS: Great to hear that. Now, you know I don’t hold back and I want to get straight to the point with you on this before we continue on any further. Where on God’s green Earth have you been for the past few years? I have heard and read a lot of rumors but I want everybody reading this to hear it straight from the source.
AP: Now about that, I have been looking on message boards in the past and seen so many untrue stories about me robbing stores and all this other nonsense. But, the truth is I was caught up in being at the wrong place at the wrong time and I got in trouble. I was sentenced to boot camp no more no less and with that being said people make mistakes but it’s what you do after that mistake is what matters.

SUAS: There it goes and case closed. In the years since I last seen you, you have bulked up. You’re not little Arsenio anymore, what the hell are you training for?…health or the ladies?
AP: Honestly, I was training for semi-pro football but skating kinda got in the way of that. I mean, I always like being in good shape but girls honestly lead me to the decision lol. I love being the center of attention and you know I was always a midget body builder lol.

SUAS: True, you were the first person that I knew with a 6-pack and T-Rex arms! But, on a geographical note where are you currently living now and how did you end up there?
AP: Lol! T-rex arms…classic! I’m currently in South Carolina…Greenville to be exact. The reason I moved was because my Dad was moving to the Carribean Islands and I wasn’t trying to go so I have been living with my mom ever since.

SUAS: Damn, you could have blown up the Carribean blading scene! I truly loved that edit of your unused footage that just dropped. When will we all be blessed with a 2011 Return Of The Arsen edit?
AP: Thanks dude, those were clips that I totally forgot about. We sent those clips out for that Ante Bellum team video but they were never used. But, I honestly thank everyone for all their support over the years. I haven’t stopped skating, I’ve been skating just as hard as I used to when I was in NYC. Nothing’s changed, I’m working on Thomas Lipani’s video coming out soon and I’m working on a very good friend of mine David Dodge’s video so look out for something towards mid-Winter or so. I have so much more up to date footage coming soon so just be patient.

SUAS: Can’t wait to see it bro. I remember you used to roll for 9MM wheels, Spoil’d Bratt Sk8shop and a couple of other companies. Do you ride for anybody currently and what set-up are you rolling on?
AP: Shout out to Tee, she’s brought me along way and I hate that we lost contact. But, all those other companies that I used to ride for kind of lost contact with me. I was on my own thing for awhile and wasn’t trying to be out there like that, just brushing up on my skills until I felt I was ready and now’s the time. I’m currently riding Nick Lomax classic thrones stock, I love them so much that I went back to the roots. USD were my first pair of real aggressive skates! I had the Champion Baumstimlers’. Hopefully, USD sees this edit hint hint lol j/k.

SUAS: I hope that they see your edit too because your unused clips edit is easily one of the better edits out at the moment. Now, you’re on the outside looking in when it comes down to the NYC blading scene. How different is it now then from when you were in the middle of it?
AP: Thanks dude, but my perspective on NYC rolling now is that there is so much underground talent that hasn’t been brought to the light yet and so many kids out there are just doing it for the love like when I was coming up. Most kids who get good just think about the fame and the perks but what I see is pure genuine rolling and I can’t wait to come up there and sesh with all the new cats coming up.

SUAS: You definitely need to check out N.E.S.T. ( New Era Skate Team ). Do you have your eye on a few of the new names out here or should I say which NYC bladers do you see as the future of our scene?
AP: The kids I see now in NYC I’m not too familiar with but I have a good feeling that most of them will succeed in the sport because the skate scene period has changed. I’ve seen so many new spots and just the level of tricks has advanced so it’s really hard to say but I have faith in all of them.

SUAS: Let’s get personal for a sec, what does Arsenio do when he’s not out there raping rails, assaulting ledges and murdering skateparks?
AP: Lol, well I work out as you can tell, I love playing ball, partying from time to time, chilling with my girlfriend, or just chilling at home watching skate videos. I know it sounds lame but that’s what I do simple and plain, nothing too spectacular.

SUAS: We just ordinary people! On the food tip, what delicious meal calms the inner beast known as hunger?
AP: Funny that you ask, I love Chinese food and I also like Spanish food but my all time fave is seafood.

SUAS: What’s next for Arsenio Patterson in blading?
AP: Really, I don’t know…I’m trying to get something started with USD. I’m composing something for them, clips only they can see and everyone else has to wait till the video drops.

SUAS: Any last words or shout-outs?
AP: I  just want to shout-out all of my fellow rollers and rollettes outta NYC and the Carolinas. my fam for the support and inspiration to keep going no matter the odds. And last but not least, the man upstairs for giving me the talent to rollerblade and making all this possible.

Arsenio Patterson Archive Footage ’06-’08

Arsenio Patterson Down Ledge Edit


3 Responses to “Arsenio Patterson: Return of the Arsen”

  1. YOOO nice to see ya neva stopped rolling!!! Iy’s evident you have become a well rounded young man!!!! Thx for shouting me out!!!

  2. Good to hear that you are still blading! You got me so juiced back in 2001 when I was in NYC! good times!

  3. it’s great to see you back on the tack… great videos by the way…

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