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Cozmik Inspired song “Un Dia Caliente” performed by Ruben Perez & Co.

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          Here is a live performance of a song inspired by our lost brother Brian “Cozmik” Scott. The name of this song is “Un Dia Caliente” which translates to “A Hot Day”. The song is in Spanish but the story of this track is about the deadly results of a loose bullet hitting an unintended target. It is performed by my brother and NYC blader Ruben Perez aka Solone (in the Red hoodie) along with the talented JohnnyO & Wilkins.


The Last Man Standing Comp 2011 LB-CAM Lifestyle Pics

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Hurricane Irene pushed The 2011 Last Man Standing Comp back 1 week but she couldn’t wash away the hearts of those who attended to show their support for NYC blading. After the last drops of sweat dryed up it was a top 3 that was deserving of the positions and a top 3 whose names deserved to be on top for the blading they displayed throughout the day. Here are pics that I managed to capture in between working on background things to keep things on schedule and organized. Enjoy and take from these pictures a story from beginning to end.
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