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Malik Ashby Interview: On His Way

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Malik Ashby is a progressive blader. I say that because every time you skate with him he laces something new each time. He starts off each session shaking hands and smiling but shortly after once the iPod play button is pressed he quietly goes through the motions of his expanding and stylish trick vocabulary. Malik spreads the word about USD everywhere he goes as well which is necessary while representing one of the biggest companies in rollerblading. Even though it seems he is constantly being criticized he keeps a level head and keeps on blading as part of the future of the growing NYC scene.

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Ruben Perez Interview: Viva La Prez

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          Ruben Perez my brother, Solone the artist & Bang Bang the blader are just pieces of the puzzle which make up the man. If you know him you’ll be treated like one of his family, if you cross him you will be checked on the spot and if you blade with him then you will definitely be infected with the frenetic energy that he brings to every session. Ruben is 100 miles per hour in human form and it is this energy that makes his skating stand out. He has style that shows he has paid his dues for years and now he is bringing his creativity to his musical plateau. Here is a rare look behind the mind and thoughts of Ruben Prez.

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My Son’s Fisher Price “Xsjado” Skate

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          The biggest blessing in my life just turned 4 amazing years old on November 3rd and being that he loves watching blading videos with me it was a no-brainer to pick up his first pair of skates. While watching his big smile as he took his first strides I decided to write this product review so that any blader interested in getting their child a pair of these skates can get a pretty good idea of what to expect. Continue reading