My Son’s Fisher Price “Xsjado” Skate

          The biggest blessing in my life just turned 4 amazing years old on November 3rd and being that he loves watching blading videos with me it was a no-brainer to pick up his first pair of skates. While watching his big smile as he took his first strides I decided to write this product review so that any blader interested in getting their child a pair of these skates can get a pretty good idea of what to expect.


The Physical Appearance

          These “My First….” skates are visually different than any other kids brand that I have seen. I love seeing products that stand out and being that these resemble a crossbreed of Xsjados and a kid’s skates they immediately caught my attention as well as my son’s. The vibrant Grey, Light Green, Blue & Yellow are a great color combination that reminds me of the joy of being a child.


 These babies are a money saver for the fast growing feet of a young child. With a flip of a switch they literally go from a size 1 up to a 3. And since Brian can wear his favorite Adidas with them they give him a comfortable feel straight out the box. His feet weren’t floating around in them so I’m guessing that they run true to size which is important.

Ankle Support


Just like the Xsjados these skates have a velcro strap going across the bridge of the ankle so the tighter you pull it the more supportive they get. Personally, I’m not a big fan of a Velcro strap instead of a buckle since Velcro loses it grip after many uses so we’ll see how durable it is for the young ones that like to play with the straps in order to make that annoying sound. It’s holding up great obviously since it’s brand new but only time will tell.

          There is a thin layer of cushioning for the area behind the ankle where the cuff and skin meet so at least the cuff won’t dig into my son’s leg. It seems to be crazy glued on there so if it ever wears off at least I know I can easily customize a replacement cushion when necessary.

Wheels, Bearings & Wheel Function Capabilities

There are 5 wheels per skate and positioned in a way so that there are training wheels to keep the kids balanced out. If you look at the bottom of the skates the wheels form a “T”. It’s a good idea and actually work out for the benefit of the child so that it builds some type of balance. It looks weird but it kind of grew on me while seeing Brian have the time of his life trying out his new skates. But, the wheels are made out of hard plastic and they make that horrible grinding sound when they meet the pavement. Another thing is that they tend to slide a bit on smooth surfaces since the plastic is smooth itself so I would recommend to be careful where you take your child to skate.

Bearings? There are no bearings unfortunately since Fisher Price wanted to cut costs as well as your child’s speed while using these skates. What keeps these wheels moving you may ask?…well, it’s a hard plastic wheel with an axel through it.

Plastic wheels suck but the functions of them are pretty cool and makes sense so it makes up for it a little bit. With the slide of a button they go through 3 functions:

1st Function: The wheels lock so you child can walk with the skates to get used to the feeling of being slightly elevated.
2nd Function: The wheels move but only forward. They are set this way so the child can begin learning his stride slowly without having to worry about moving backward by accident.
3rd Function: Full movement and full usage of the skates. They will freely roll forward and backwards.

Brake System

            I am weary about this since the brakes are made from the same hard plastic material as the wheels. I am a bit fearful that once my son gets used to these skates and begin to experiment with speed than he will not stop properly since the brakes will just slide and not actually slow him down. They are positioned on the rear of both skates but no matter how much pressure will be put on there I guarantee that the child will not stop at a safe point. Maybe I can swap it out for a rubber piece…hmmmm.


          The shell in the ankle area are more stiff than the area covering the foot so at least the designers kept in mind that more support should be incorporated in the ankle area since that is where the most tension will be. It holds up pretty good and while watching my on skate it didn’t seem to warp out at all. The plastic in the area around the foot is a bit more flexible of course o that they child can slide his/her foot into with relative ease.

Final Verdict

         My son seems to have the time of his life skating with these and it makes my heart smile seeing his love for skating developing right in front of my eyes. Overall, I give these skates a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars rating. They are a pretty good 1st pair of blades and I can see Brian getting a ton of use out of them until his foot grow big enough for the USD JoJo’s 😉


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