Ruben Perez Interview: Viva La Prez


          Ruben Perez my brother, Solone the artist & Bang Bang the blader are just pieces of the puzzle which make up the man. If you know him you’ll be treated like one of his family, if you cross him you will be checked on the spot and if you blade with him then you will definitely be infected with the frenetic energy that he brings to every session. Ruben is 100 miles per hour in human form and it is this energy that makes his skating stand out. He has style that shows he has paid his dues for years and now he is bringing his creativity to his musical plateau. Here is a rare look behind the mind and thoughts of Ruben Prez.


SUAS: Ruben mi hermano, que tal manito?
Bien brother. Thanks, how’s the fam??? Yo, I was just thinking we’ve known each other for a while lol.

SUAS: Mi familia is doing mas bueno and we have known each other well over 10 years easily. But, for those who may not know you, how long have you been in the blading game and what keeps you going after all these years?
Well, I’ve been skating since I was 8 years old back in the Dominican Republic. To me, it’s like breathing or eating..just a part of me…guess it comes natural haha. I feel free I guess… and that feeling is addictive. Kinda the reason why I’m still skating and will be skating for years to come.

SUAS: You also have a great style when it comes down to making blading look good, who are some of the bladers that influence you style-wise?
Thanks brother for the compliment. My energy [as you know] is constantly accelerated and it reflects alot in my skating. I LOVE SKATING FAST and flying, gapping…feels great! But,I’m influenced by various things and ways in which some bladers perform their art. In terms of showmanship The D-Clan, Ozzie and Nene Tejada spins were dope. I’ve learnt alot from them when it comes to spins and grabs. I still enjoy watching Jon Ortiz skate, Daniel Ortiz, and from back in the days; Ryan Jacklone & Dave Ortega too.

Photo by Angelo Ferrer

SUAS: Those are true school legends right there! Another thing that I noticed about your skating is that it is very well-rounded. You got gaps, ledges, rails, spins, park, street and wall rides. With all those skills under your belt what is your favorite terrain to blade on?
I don’t have a favorite terrain to tell you the truth brother, as long as the sesh is fun and we are all rolling I’m a happy rolla lol.

SUAS: Bang! Bang! I’ve seen a Facebook post where you wrote that wall rides don’t count if you just hit the wall with your skates haha. What made you call people out on that?
Hahaha, I remember that..I love this sport and I would like to see people do it the right way, feel me? If its a wall ride then ride the wall…don’t kick it lol.

SUAS:What is your opinion on the current scene in NYC?
Kids nowdays sit at the skate park to talk shit or talk about what set-up they have or what skates they are going to get..STOP THAT shut up and skate for real.

Photo by Angelo Ferrer

SUAS: Another outlet that dispels all of that energy that you have is music. What kind of music do you currently do and how long have you been creating it?
I currently do Spanish Hip Hop infused with alot of other genres because I’m a lover of all music. Alot of you guys have no idea that music is in my blood, my father use to play the trumpet and I grew up around music back in the Dominican Republic where we used many instruments to make music. Coming to the US as a young child, I felt disconnected because alot of kids here don’t play instruments on a regular basis like back home in DR. I stuck to my roots though and still dabbled here ‘n there over the years which all lead up to my music today. It’s all inspired by a fusion of Hip Hop and Dominican instrumentals.

SUAS: Music is indeed in your blood and you are definitely talented on the mic so when will we see a mix tape or album from Solone?
I don’t have a set date. I don’t put a time frame on my art. I just express myself musically depending on life. So, when the time is right everyone will know.

SUAS: Thats kind of like how I create my posts for ShutupandSKATE! Have you ever thought of dropping edits with your own tracks mixed in as a type of double promotion?
Of course!!! Right now, I’m not skating as much as I’d like to because I’m working on other projects which consumes alot of my time. However, I’m open to exploring that form of double promotion in the future.

Photo by Angelo Ferrer w/ Eduardo Enrique

SUAS: So, when you do find the time to blade what is your set-up at the moment that you are rolling on?
I have a pair of Razors with Ground Control Bullet 8 frames which I love cus they don’t brake like the feather ones.

SUAS: Products aren’t built for your blading haha. You seem to travel ALOT and you usually post up the pictures on your Facebook. Where have you been recently and how was the blading scene there?
I try haha..I went to the Dominican Republic this past February where the blading scene is small but they do skate there (lol), there’s so much stuff to skate out there but it’s hard for them to get wheels and skates when they need them because they don’t have a blading store..and the aggressive sports shop out there doesn’t sell skates…this is why with the help of some really cool people I put together a box full with frames, used skates and parts so they keep doing what I love which is what they love too. In April I visited Jamaica and I didn’t see nothing to skate on, nor did I see any skaters at all.

SUAS: One country at a time hermano, do you have any shows coming up that you would like to plug-in right now to give everybody a heads up?
No shows right at this moment but I will def keep you guys posted on all my music projects.

SUAS: Any last words or shout-outs?
Yeaahhhh, shout outs to Andrew Steirer who without knowing me helped me to get lots of stuff for my project, Guillermo Cruz and Matt Panskins from Florida as well.
Also, AoR mag for keeping us all rolling together as a family and helping people with skates if they don’t have any (bless)… for believing in me and my art… to all my NYC OG rollers who keep it real and still do this for the love of the sport, Shut Up And Skate for giving me the opportunity, of course, and my whole family who I love dearly….don’t forget to check


On Thursday, November 17, 2011, your invited to the making of “No Pueden Conmigo” by the artiste Solone @ Billy Hurricanes located at 25 Avenue B | Between 2nd and 3rd Streets East Village, New York, NY 10009 (917) 338-7090. Friends are welcome to be apart of the video. Come party like a Rock Star or an Animal [u choose] and support your boy.

SOLONE Official Website 

SOLONE “No Pueden Conmigo” Preview

SOLONE “Aqua Caliente”


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  1. Hell yea Ruben good Look on the shout out !!

  2. Love you! Looking good Hun!

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