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Shop “N” Swap LB-CAM Pics

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On Saturday, March 24th 2012 ShutupandSKATE took a fantastic voyage from Brooklyn to Maloof to support DaXsLIdE Productions & the Shop “N” Swap kickoff event/session for the new season in NYC blading. There are about a dozen pics to peruse through including cameos by NYC blading legend Joe Dedentro and Maloof’s infamous empanada man who even sells loosies…now he is the epitome of a hustler!

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Blading With Shadows

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“Shadows” has created a huge buzz all over for NYC’s Dillon Cooper. And since me and him go back to when he had shoulder length dreads with oversized skates 😉 it is only right that I show him some love on ShutupandSKATE!

Introducing “Piss Rail”

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Back in the days me and this rail went together like PB&J. Every time I picked up a fresh new pair of blades I usually bladed to this spot at night by myself when no one was around in order to break them in. It is a short mellow little thing but it is still fun as hell to skate on. It is just close enough to the wall to make you slightly hesitant on boot tricks but just far enough from the wall that your boot won’t catch the ledge if you are on your trick correctly.

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Sean Wicks From Urban Rolling Skateshop Now Homeless!

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It is only right that I post this up as an awareness as well as an update for as many bladers as possible to show support for our fellow brother Sean Wicks who is currently homeless and in a very unfortunate situation. I want to personally thank Robert from “The Voices Among Us” for contacting me and letting know about Sean’s current situation. The first link that I provided below is from the interview Robert did with Sean for “The Voices Among Us” blog. The 2nd link that I provided is video footage from Rob showing Sean speaking to us in his own words. The 3rd link below is their update where they give ShutupandSKATE a big mention 🙂 And to show you how good Sean is on the blades there are a couple of edits for your visual enjoyment.

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When you hit up that session and need to get amped up to lace that trick that you’ve been thinking about doing or maybe even something mellow to blade to in general you plug in your earphones, shuffle through your iPod or MP3 player and you go in. In this new SUAS segment we will feature a fellow blader and have him/her give us their current top 10 songs that gets them JUICED! Let’s share these songs and spread the blading love throughout the community…#BladeLife!
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