When you hit up that session and need to get amped up to lace that trick that you’ve been thinking about doing or maybe even something mellow to blade to in general you plug in your earphones, shuffle through your iPod or MP3 player and you go in. In this new SUAS segment we will feature a fellow blader and have him/her give us their current top 10 songs that gets them JUICED! Let’s share these songs and spread the blading love throughout the community…#BladeLife!

LB’s Current Top 10 Songs To Blade To…
1. Benny Benassi “Cinema” (Skrillex Remix)
2. Madvillian “Borrowed Time” (Madlib Remix)
3. Pharoahe Monch “Evolve”
4. Jedi Mind Tricks “BloodBorn Enemy”
5. Vast Aire feat. Raekwon & Vordul Mega “Thor’s Hammer”
6. Common “Sweet”
7. Felt “Protaganists”
8. Non Phixion “Rock Stars”
9. The Roots feat. Dice Raw “Lighthouse”
10. Pusha T. “Alone In Vegas”


One Response to “JUICED! ft. LB”

  1. Jedi’s are on all of my skate mixes too, so good!

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